On Writing, Vampire Novels

Weekly Update (22.01.2017)

Currently reading: The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry (I read Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine in five days earlier in the week)

Weekly Word Count: 4851

It’s amazing what a change in routine (and a readjustment in priorities) can make. By neglecting to go on social media in the morning before going to work, I’ve been able to exceed 200 words a day and get over 400 words a day 3 times out of 5. I’ll definitely stick to this routine. Of course, the larger bulk of my writing was done at the weekend and over a 1.5k words were devoted to a fanfiction but I don’t regret that. The best way to get fanfiction ideas out of your head is to write them.

I’ll also stick with going on WordPress every day. I’m definitely more relaxed about going through my feed now and I’ve been able to be more interactive with the people I follow than before too. So, you’ll see a lot more of me about this site in the future.

I’ve moved my second review on As the CROWS feast and, since I posted the best review last time, I decided to post the worst one this week: The Rest Falls Away. Read it at its new home here.


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