Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (29.01.2017)

Currently reading: Angels of Music by Kim Newman

Weekly Word Count: 4055

My word count keeps getting higher and higher. I’m rather proud of myself for that. I’m on the hundredth page of my fourth draft of my manuscript now and, once I’ve got through another scene, I’ll be going away from rewriting and into whole new scenes again. I’m doing good so far.

My reading’s doing well too. I’m on the last book of my previous to-read list and, recently when fetching a travel guide for my next holiday, I came away from Waterstones with no less than three more books! As you do. All of them were sequels or spin-offs of books I’ve already read and they’ll probably appear on my ‘currently reading’ list too. I also decided to go up to my local library (I really ought to go more often) and, by chance, found the next Morganville Vampires book on my to-review list. Since I’m reposting reviews on As The Crows Feast at a steady pace, I won’t need to write reviews for a while but I will try to find time to review my other books so I can have some ready for when the times comes.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to spend much time on WordPress this week. This week has been a little crowded with a lot of evening events limiting my spare time. However, I’ll have more time next week so, hopefully, I’ll be able to be more active.

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