Weekly Update (26.02.2017

Weekly Word Count: 4260 Review Word Count: 222 Currently (re)reading: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice I've (finally) finished re-reading The Historian and now to get down to the business of reviewing. As you see, I haven't made much headway. It's probably the sizeable amount of fact-checking I'm going to have to do for… Continue reading Weekly Update (26.02.2017


Weekly Update (19.02.2017): Of better ideas and organisation

Currently (re)reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova Weekly Word Count: 4633 Do you ever get this feeling when you're writing: you're agonising over how to do a scene or a plotline absolutely right, you try multiple things but nothing seems to work and, then, it hits you. Do you really need this in your story?… Continue reading Weekly Update (19.02.2017): Of better ideas and organisation