Weekly Update 05/02 – On Lemsips and Ambients

Currently reading: Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine

Weekly Word Count: 4168

As you see, I’ve decided to change my weekly update titles a little bit. Just having the weekly update title and the date was a little uninspiring so I decided to add a bit more. In this case, it’s in reference to the cold I’d had all week and the importance of sound while writing.

It’s astonishing how such a little thing as a cold (not even a particularly bad one) can affect your writing. All this week, I’ve had to include making myself a lemsip with my breakfast to stave away the cold. This meant chopping crucial minutes out of my writing time. If it hadn’t been for me writing 1000 words a day at the weekend (and a bit of fanfiction writing to kickstart it), my weekly word count would be a lot lower. Still, my cold’s past now and it doesn’t really matter if you do a tiny bit one day. You can always make it up in following days, just so long as you sit down and write.

But, sometimes, that task is a little difficult. I’ve struggled to find good music that will keep me focused on my work. I’ve been told that video game music is a good choice as it’s expressly created to make the user concentrate on the task at hand. That worked for a time but I think my brains getting too used to it now. Then, I found myNoise. It’s a great ambient music generator and I think it has enough different types of sound to maintain my focus. Check it out here if you haven’t already found it. Whatever you pick, it will help with your concentration.

Oh, and I moved American Vampire over to As the CROWS feast today. Here it is. That’s three out of ten and I’m well on my way in Feast of Fools so I may have a review at the ready before next week.


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