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Weekly Update: (12.02.2017) Of Reviews and Strictly

Currently (re)reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Weekly Word Count: 3555

Review Word Count: 2547

My main achievement this week is getting my review of Feast of Fools done. The first draft is done and, when the time comes, I’ll polish it before it’s published. It’s nice to feel that I have a review waiting in the wings for when I run out of reviews to transfer. Now, I can return my library copy of Feast of Fools and get started on the meatiest vampire novel I own – ‘The Historian’. Yep, it’s very thick and very hard-going so I’m going to make good use of this review downtime to take as long as I need on it.

I’ve not written as much on my novel as I would have liked though I have managed out some more fanfiction to boost my weekly word count number. I’ve decided to delay a major conflict and try to ramp up the tension as much as possible to make it even better for when it finally happens.

I was also a little distracted this week by the main event of the week: seeing the Strictly Tour. Yep, I’m into Strictly and I got very into the show, being much louder than I usually am in my cheering and booing. Amazingly, though his presence annoyed me in the show, I found I was cheering loudest for Ed Balls. He did his lift perfectly during the American Smooth but, unfortunately, had a bit of spill at the end of his Salsa. When sliding through his partner’s legs, he overshot the raised stage and went sprawling on his face. He was alright and we all couldn’t breathe for laughing! That event shows a good lesson in characterisation: no one should be above indignity. Even the most serious characters should have at least one scene where they make total fools of themselves. It makes them much more human.

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