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Weekly Update (19.02.2017): Of better ideas and organisation

Currently (re)reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Weekly Word Count: 4633

Do you ever get this feeling when you’re writing: you’re agonising over how to do a scene or a plotline absolutely right, you try multiple things but nothing seems to work and, then, it hits you. Do you really need this in your story?

I had one of those this week. Several during the fourth draft of my first novel, actually. I was working on an ongoing subplot a lot in this week and then I realised that my novel would be so much better if I wrapped it up quicker and with a more positive ending. Not giving anything away but it would help it weave into the main plot much better than it would have before. I really ought to give a bit more thought to my novel than I do.

I’ve shifted over another review to As the CROWS feast. This time, it’s the first Vampire Diaries book, which you can now read here, and, not only that, managed to sort out my bookshelves! The disorder they were in before was getting on my nerves and now I have a nice system in place which will give me better peace of mind.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update (19.02.2017): Of better ideas and organisation”

  1. Very true. Though, I have to say that, by then, it wasn’t so much a case of ‘kill-my-darlings’ as ‘kill-my-nuisances’. Any fondness I had for that subplot had vanished during the many rewrites!

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