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Weekly Update (05.03.2017)

Currently (re)reading: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Weekly Word Count: 4002

Review Word Count: 578

I seem to be having the opposite problem I was having last year – I’m writing more of my novel than I am of my reviews. Not necessarily a bad thing but it is starting to annoy me slightly. I would rather like to get the review for the Historian out of the way as quickly as possible, which should give you an indication of how much I enjoyed it.

By contrast, I’m enjoying the writing of my novel very much. I’ve managed to incorporate more of my favourite character (yes, I know I shouldn’t play favourites but it’s hard not to) into the book and make my character much less passive by disrupting a public event designed to allay panic about an unsolved murder. I know it’s not the smartest or most helpful thing he could have done but he is doing it of his own accord. I was worrying that he was becoming too passive at the moment.

I’ve moved Fevre Dream to my review blog, which you can now read here. That makes me halfway through the move and I’d like to have a good number of reviews in store for when I run out of previously published ones.


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