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Weekly Update (19.03.2017) – Of No Distractions and Lots of Words

Currently reading: Angel of Storms by Trudi Canavan (one of my favourite authors)

Fortnightly Fiction Word Count: 14927

Fortnightly Review Word Count: 1993

As you’ve probably noticed, I didn’t make a weekly update last week. That was because I was on holiday at that time and decided that I was going to use that time as a wifi-free week. It’s astonishing how much I can get done without the distractions of the Internet. It meant that I couldn’t look up stuff for the research sections of my reviews but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. The word count I managed to accumulate over the two weeks speaks for itself. That total is about 50% novel and about 50% percent fanfiction but I don’t mind that so much. My current project is an attempt to write a story about a character with Disassociative Identity Disorder without making them the bad guy and doing it accurately. It should be a good challenging exercise for me.

As you can see, my review count isn’t nearly as high as my fiction word count. Again, that’s something I’m happy with and I managed to finish all but the Research section on The Historian review (which will take a while). I’ve just finished the Character section of Interview with the Vampire today and I’ll compile my notes for the other sections tomorrow. Though I’m not altogether pleased with the quality of what I’ve written, I’m happy with my progress.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve moved my review of Glass Houses to As the CROWS feast. Read it at its new home here.

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