Weekly Update (02.04.2017) Of Recoveries and Increased Efficiency

Currently reading: The Map of Bones by Francesca Haig

Weekly Novel Word Count: 4,150

Weekly Review Word Count: 1,293

Weekly Short Story Word Count: 756

Weekly Fanfiction Word Count: 1,660

I seem to be making a good recovery from my strain last week and so haven’t had anything but failures in my willpower to stop me from writing. That’s been pretty thin on the ground this week. I bought the mynoises app on my music player last week, which allows me to completely switch off my Internet connection and just write without any tempting distractions. It’s certainly working. I’ve written an average of nearly 600 words on my novel per day and I’m over the major climax hurdle. Unfortunately, I think I might have left a few plotholes in my race to ‘the end’. Still, it doesn’t matter so much at this point.

My short story word count has mostly gone towards a second draft of a short story I’d attempted a few years ago. A science-fiction take on the obscure Grimm fairytale ‘Brother and Sister’. Rethinking fairytales is nothing new but it’s about time some of the more obscure ones got a rethink. I’d planned a whole serious of lesser known remastered Grimm tales but it never went anywhere. Let’s see if I can rejuvenate that idea again.

Speaking of bringing back old things, I’ve moved my review of Marked to ‘As the CROWS feast’ and you can now view it here.

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