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Weekly Update (09.04.2017) Of More Words and New Ideas

Currently reading: The True Blood Omnibus by Charlaine Harris

Weekly Novel Word Count: 5,430

Weekly Short Story Word Count: 905

Weekly Review Word Count: 564

Weekly Fanfiction Word Count: 1,616

Here’s the formula for perfect productivity in writing: ambient soundscapes + disconnection from the Internet = at least 600 words per weekday and over 1000 words on weekends. Can you tell I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made this week? I don’t even think I’m falling into the old trap of writing for the sake of hitting my word target anymore. This is excellent.

I’ve now finished both my The Historian and Interview with the Vampire reviews and, since I finished The Map of Bone a few days ago, I can start on new ones again. I made a start on re-reading The Bloody Red Baron but then I remembered that my local library has a True Blood Omnibus that has the first three books of the Sookie Stackhouse series. So, I can get the first three reviews of the series done without spending a penny. Excellent. I may have to borrow it for quite a while to do that, though.

Speaking of the Anno Dracula series, I recently bought the newly released Anno Dracula: Seven Days in Mayhem comic book and, though issue 1 was much too short, I really liked it. I wish I could do a review on it but I don’t think the CROWS technique really lends itself well to comic books. I’ll have to wrack my brains for a suitable reviewing acronym.

Speaking of wracking brains, I’ll be picking yours in a few minutes on a question concerning writing novels on Word that’s concerned me for a while. Tune in later for what it is.


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