Weekly Update (16.04.2017): A very productive weekend indeed

Currently reading: The True Blood Omnibus by Charlaine Harris

Weekly Novel Word Count: 7,015

Weekly Short Story Word Count: 415

Weekly Fanfiction Word Count: 543

Well, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am incredibly pleased with the progress I’ve made today. I wanted to try and write 1000 words each day. Not really a realistic target for weekdays but I hoped to make up the shortfall of what I didn’t do before work once I’d got back home. That didn’t really work out but the long Easter Bank Holiday weekend gave more more than enough time to make up for it. As you see, I’ve made it to 7000 words in a week and am well on my way towards the ending. Just a few more weeks might see my fourth draft finished. Then *groan*, I’ve got to go back and edit it.

I’ve also made good headway with the True Blood omnibus. I’ve got through Dead Until Dark and, once I’ve written up my notes, I’ll make a start on Living Dead in Dallas and on writing up my review. I think I’ll have to extend my return date with the library, though. No way am I doing to get through two books’ worth in a week.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve transferred my review of Blood and Ice over to my sister blog, As the CROWS Feast. You can find it here.

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