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Milestone reached!

As of this Friday, the fourth draft of my first novel is complete!

That doesn’t mean to suggest that the novel is anywhere near publication. A few ideas I had while writing means I’ll have to go back and completely rethink the beginning. And, then there’s the small matter of checking and redrafting. Not just now, though. I know it’s good to leave a novel for a bit before going back into it.

So, I’m going to try focusing more on short stories both to try and get something published and to give you lot more to read than tedious updates.

Yes, I’ve had a little think about my blog and realised that no one wants to read about my inane updates week by week when I have nothing really important to report. Instead, I’ll start asking you more novel questions every week and perhaps reblog some interesting stuff I find. Perhaps, some flash fiction if all goes well.

Oh, and I’ve moved my Night World review to As the CROWS feast. You can now read it here.


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