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In One Word, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson is…


  • Well-developed main characters – I love Vin in particular – and a well-developed world.
  • Only too easy to slip back into the world after a long break, even if the story is a little complex and I can’t remember who half these characters are.
  • Never allowed to get too complacent – always another twist just over the page
  • Difficult to convince people that a new system might be better – very realistic
  • Elend really undergoes a transformation in this book and so does Vin. I love them both.
  • Really glad they didn’t make an Elend-Vin-Zane love triangle. I hate love triangles.
  • Foretellings and prophecies are nicely dismantled and played with in this book. What a twist on the usual fulfilment of prophecy trope.
  • Unpleasantness-artist, Straff, really had it coming. Love the way he ended!
  • Love the fact that the author put a recap for the last book and a guide to the magic system at the back. It’s nice when an author realises that it might have been a while since the readers read the last one. Bring on the next one!

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