Unhaul and…Eureka!

I’ve had to face an unfortunate truth: I’ve been buying too many books and not clearing out books to make room for them. I’ve been breaking my buy-one-give-one-away rule into pieces.

Well, no more.

I decided to do my biggest unhaul yet. I’ve lost count of how many books I’ve bought since my last clear out so I decided to just get rid of as many as I can and hope that’s enough to cover it for now. As ever, I’m sorting my list in order of how hard it was to part with them: easiest first, hardest last. Here goes:

Cool Text - Unhaul 323285131655728

Revealed – Get thee to a charity shop!

  • A Wayne in a Manger & How It Works: The Cat – I’ve never read them and probably never will.
  • Richard III, King Lear, Julius Caesar, Breakfast at Tiffany’s – I’ve got an audiobook copy. I don’t need a print copy.
  • Carry On, The Mechanical, Grimm Tales – I just wasn’t that enthused the first time and I doubt I will be the second time
  • Angels of Music, Dead Ever After, Vampire Academy, The Power, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, Hokkaido Highway Blues, Poe’s Children – It’s not you, books. It’s me. I loved you when I read you but I can’t see myself returning to you in my packed reading schedule. I might regret this. I might scour eBay and libraries for you, weeping at my folly, but, for now, I have to say goodbye.

Cool Text - Eureka 323286885479044

That is becoming more likely as, when I came back from the charity shop, I looked up new ways to sort books, looking for inspiration. There has to be more to bookshelf life than just alphabetical order.

Then, I hit on stacking books horizontally rather than vertically.

Now, I have rather tall bookshelves and wide so I thought, why not. I stuck with alphabetic order but I had to let that go a bit due to variations of size. Hardbacks definitely had to go at the bottom of all piles. And, wouldn’t you know it, it worked!

Here’s my bookshelves before (about six months before but it’s the before only picture I’ve got) with added DVDs and games because that shelf was too packed as well:

Even stacked three deep, there still wasn’t any room for more:

And, now, see what a difference 90 degrees makes (I even have room for a little friend to make her home):

I even have room to move my DVDs and games out into their own space and, wonder of wonders, bring my TBR pile off my table and onto the shelves. So, for the first time, meet my TBR basket (and another kitty little friend):

So, I have the strong feeling that I will regret being so merciless with my Unhaul. I probably could have fit about two thirds of my unhauled books on my shelves.

Oh, well. Just goes to show that all you need is a change of perspective.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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