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In One Word, Mindstar Rising by Peter F Hamilton is…

mindstar rising


  • Don’t know a thing about this – just picked it up in an Audible sale because I need to read more science fiction
  • I can definitely tell this was written by a man – it starts off with a gallantry fantasy and it doesn’t get much better.
  • Seriously don’t like the representation of women and girls – they’re there for sex, to look pretty, to get things wrong or be the damsel in distress.
  • A whole lot of scientific details on machines and not a lot of focus on characterisation.
  • Gabrielle is the one female character treated with respect and I wish this story was about her rather than Greg – her special powers are intriguing and frightening.
  • Really despise the political ideologies expressed in the book and it’s very distracting.
  • English names that I recognise feel rather odd in such a strange world – I have a feeling that the author really loves Peterborough.
  • Extremely slow pace in the middle and the stakes don’t feel high enough.
  • And I feel like they’re just laying on the villain’s scumminess on too thick to make us hate him – it just makes me dislike Julia more for throwing her friend at him out of a schoolgirl grudge.
  • Bombastic ending scenes still feel very slow and the misunderstandings due to lack of communication are infuriating.
  • Like the truly scary moment when augmentations are all temporarily turned off – the character is left truly vulnerable and that needed more than a quick fix. In fact, most of the things that are genuinely interesting are just glossed over in favour of more science minutiae.
  • Effort I took to get to the end of it was not worth it – it’s just your common or garden male, right-wing wish fulfilment science fiction fantasy and I’m definitely not continuing the series.

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️

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