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In One Word, The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson is…

hero of ages

  • Published in 2008 by Tor Books
  • Format: Physical Book
  • Reading Time: 21 fractured days (I didn’t have as much time to give to this book as I wanted)


  • Good God, it has been too long since I’ve read a Mistborn book. Still, I find myself wishing I had waited for a better time to do it. This is not a book to dip in and out of whenever you have a free ten minutes. This is a book for long indoor hours and taking your time over every page.
  • A book split between several narrators and all telling a different kind of story. It never gets too jarring and the parts nearly always end on a dramatic moment, keeping you reading on.
  • Redundant to say it at that point but the world building is amazing. The fight between Preservation and Ruin is particularly interesting but i needed those pre-chapter excerpts to keep track of it. Even now, I’m sure I missed something important.
  • Great parts were Spook’s sections. Sazed’s struggles with faith and Marsh’s struggle with Ruin were good but Spook’s story arc is the best. Seeing the once background errand boy grow into a legend is so gratifying to people who have followed the series all the way through. He grows in confidence and in power as he battles against Quellion, a fanatical tyrant after Robespierre’s heart imposing a Terror-like regime on his people. I’m really happy with this plotline.
  • An interesting range of reactions to the loss of the Lord Ruler and to worsening ashfalls and mists. Some lock themselves away, enforce the old bourgeois system against all reason and pretend that nothing’s happening. Some go the other way and take against the nobility with homicidal fervour, enforcing utter uniformity and control. In the face of such refusal of reason, I don’t blame Elend for his moment of despair. Establishing a fairer system seems like a hopeless endeavour and following in the Lord Ruler’s footsteps seems all too tempting.
  • Never thought I’d say it but I’m struggled with Elend’s parts slightly. It gets better when they burst into Fadrex (and the way he and Vin did it was amazing) but the trip across the land was a slog in more ways than one.
  • Touched on it before but Sazed’s quest to find a religion is an interesting one and provides some good commentary on it. The book also provides some good commentary on superstition and how they arise out of a feeling of hopelessness. It’s not something to call silly.
  • Unbelievable showdown in Luthadel. It was explosive and heartracing and I’m not going to give away any more because that’s a spoiler but it definitely is worth ploughing through the book to get to it. I’m kind of hoping Brandon Sanderson does actually allow Mistborn to be made into a video game because this would make a stupendous action set-piece on a par with God of War.
  • And, prophecies are inverted and defied once again. One would have thought the characters would have learned not to trust them by now. All the inversions certainly feel very logical and well-thought out too rather than just a smart-aleck ‘well-it-wouldn’t-really-happen-like-that’ throwaway line that one sees in a lot of other books that try to defy genre.
  • Now, that was a good way to end the series, bringing logic in prophecy but not taking away any of the magnificence of high fantasy.

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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