In One Word

In One Word, Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig is…

notes of a nervous planet

  • Published in 2018 by Canongate Books
  • Format: Audiobook
    • Narrator: Matt Haig
    • Listening speed: 1.25 (it switches around fairly quickly so you need to stay attentive)
  • Listening time:


  • Heard some mixed but mostly good things about this book. Goodness knows I’ve been getting too nervous about things recently. Let’s see if this book can offer any new insight.
  • Offers a more honest and unsentimental look at mental health and pulls down some of the misconceptions. Yes, meditation and yoga only gets you so far and calling someone ‘brave’ for speaking out about their troubles is getting kind of cliche and patronising now.
  • Not much of a structure but he says that’s the whole point and I’m accepting that as an excuse. It’s not too disorientating and the book isn’t very long so it never feels too much like rambling.
  • Excellently researched in regards to technology and how badly it can ruin our lives. Its part in the rise of mental illness are all over the headlines (which, as the book points out, only really increases our anxieties about mental illness, which may well lead to mental illness in the future). There are lots of articles and quotes about technology and not just from neo-Luddites either. When even people in the tech industry are telling you that over-use of social media is bad for you, you should probably listen.
  • Scale of stress is an interesting concept. I think I might make my own ‘psychogram’ metre based on what makes me happy on what makes me stressed i.e. the more stress involved in a task, the more psychograms you use and you should only use a certain amount in one day. It sounds like a useful exercise.
  • Truths that we all know are repeated over and over again in this book: get out of social media, get into nature, stop buying things you don’t need, stop trying to be someone you’re not, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t wear yourself down trying to achieve the impossible, etc. If it rains, just let it rain. If you’re not perfect, that’s fine. It’s not rocket science and the author doesn’t over-complicate the issue. It’s all things we’ve already been told but we still need to be told over and over again until we take the hint.

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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