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The Guilty Reader Tag

I used to think I’m a pretty well-behaved reader. After doing this tag, I know I’m really not!

A special thank you to sweaterfeather @ Sweaters & Raindrops for tagging me in this book tag and for being the first person to specifically tag me in a book tag!

The original tag was made by Chami @ Read Like Wildfire.

One. Have You Ever Re-Gifted A Book You’ve Been Given?


Nope. Any books I don’t want to keep are destined for the charity shop. Much safer.

Two. Have You Ever Said You’ve Read A Book When You Haven’t?

pikachu no

Nope. I’m too terrible a liar to pull that off.

Three. Have You Ever Borrowed A Book And Not Returned It?

ron yes

Ah, yes. Sort of. One of my English teachers in secondary school handed out random books one day and told us to prepare a presentation on our chosen book. I picked up Gulliver’s Travels and got to work on the presentation, getting revision guides and everything.

The teacher never gave us a deadline and seemed to forget all about it. And I, ah, forgot to return the book. I haven’t got it anymore. I cleared it out years ago.

Four. Have You Ever Read A Series Out Of Order?

yep pacha

I just have. I read The Bride Test, the second book in the series, and I’ve yet to read the first. Thinking about it, I do it a lot, even though I try not to as a rule. I did it with The Morganville Vampires (4th before the 3rd) and with Discworld (totally at random). It’s never left me completely lost, though.

Five. Have You Ever Spoiled A Book For Someone?


Only once. I had brought an audiobook (back when they were on cassettes) with me on a school trip. It was Out Of The Ashes by Michael Mulporgo and I lent a friend who had never read it when I was done. Just I was handing it over, I blurted out a very big spoiler without thinking. She still listened to it, though she was sure to let me know how annoyed she was at me for my loose tongue. Now, I do my best to avoid spoilers and am known for having a total poker face when talking about books.

Six. Have You Ever Dogeared A Book?

no way

Absolutely not. I am a fiend for post-its, though!

Seven. Have You Ever Told Someone You Don’t Own A Book When You Do?


Nope. Again, too bad of a liar for that.

Eight. Have You Ever Skipped A Chapter Or A Section Of A Book?


Whenever I come across a sex scene. I’m a giant prude and they are nearly never well written so I have no time for any of that.

Nine. Have You Ever Bad Mouthed A Book You Actually Liked?

uh no

I’ve never fully badmouthed a book untruthfully (have I mentioned I’m a bad liar?) but, when a book club’s opinion is against me, I can’t help but tone down the praise a bit just to avoid an argument. I know I should stick to my guns and declare my love or hate for a book without fear so I do it in my reviews to make up for it.

Since I was tagged in this one, I think I’ll try my hand at tagging a few people myself.

Annemieke @ A Dance With Books

Anna @ My Bookish Dream

Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books

Aurore-Anne-Chehoke @ Diary-of-a-black-city-girl

The Orang-utan Librarian

If you like the look of this tag, please feel free to have a go yourself!

10 thoughts on “The Guilty Reader Tag”

  1. Awesome answers! Ah man I remember when audiobooks were just on cassette; how technology has changed! Yeah, the only time I can think of bad mouthing a book is when others aren’t as enthusiastic but ugh it sucks 😦 thanks for doing the tag!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hehe totally agree about regifting 😉 I’m the same about being a terrible liar! I couldn’t pull that off even if I tried! Oh yeah I read discworld in a random order too! I do get what you mean about toning down the praise- to be honest if someone says they don’t like a book I like my default position is to say “I understand why some people would feel that way…” (because there’s always a reason something isn’t for everyone) and then swiftly change the topic (because I realllly don’t want to argue about it)- I couldn’t bring myself to badmouth something I love though! That would just be horrifying! Really fun to read your answers for this- thanks so much for the tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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