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The Crow may be my go-to Halloween film but Hocus Pocus is a close second. So, when I saw this on Krisin Kraves Books, I decided to give it a go on honour of the spooky season.


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There will be a day when I stop going on about the Winternight trilogy but it is not this day.

I wanted to put down Umbridge from the Harry Potter series but I want to try and avoid the obvious choices. So, I’m opting for The Well of Lost Plots and Aornis Hades. She knows how to get right under your skin and inside your head. She’s truly evil and truly terrifying.

the well of lost plots


It would have been so easy to put down Harry Potter but that’s too obvious. So, I’m going to put my favourite pre-Harry Potter witchy book: The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. I loved the books and the 90s TV show was the one I would race home from school to watch every week. If the TV movie, spinoffs and new TV series is anything to go by, the kids still love it and rightfully so!

worst witch

Got to be the Inimitable Jeeves. Not because the book is silly but because nearly all the characters are. Jeeves is surrounded by the silliest men in the world and he plays them like a maestro!

inimitable jeeves

Warcross tried so hard to be a serious, suspenseful book but it came out as a Ready Player One knock-off with a forced romance and a twist anyone can see coming a mile off.


Institutional racism isn’t going away and The Hate U Give doesn’t sugarcoat it one bit.


A Song of Ice and Fire has been on life support for years. Just bring out the next book and put all of us out of our misery, George R R Martin! Don’t leave us alone with the final TV series, please!


I was very tempted to put Bella from Twilight but, again, I don’t want to be obvious and Fade Out is fresher in my mind. Kim is just too dumb to live. How did she think she was going to get away with it?

If I hadn’t put Winternight at the top of this tag, I would have done so here. A close second is the Book of the Ancestor trilogy. There are so many characters with interesting stories to tell that we can’t leave the series there. Who else wants a spin off about Sister Apple and Sister Kettle?

The Southern Vampire Mysteries have some of the lowest average ratings on my Read list which is a shame because, even though it’s not on the top of my CROWS rating, it’s definitely far from the worst vampire book series around *ahem* naming no names…

dead ever after

Who says a book can’t divert off into random play scripts whenever it feels like it? This book had enough energy and liveliness in the narrative that it certainly feel alive!


As far as I’ve read the Discworld series, the storylines are kept fairly separate (with the exception of Death; he gets in everywhere) but this one pulls in several cameos: the Librarian and the City Watch. Both are very welcome additions.

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And anyone else who can always find the time to watch Hocus Pocus at this time of the year!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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14 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus Book Tag”

  1. I really want to read both the Winternight trilogy and the Book of the Ancestor trilogy, as I have heard so many amazing things about both. 😀 Great post! I really enjoyed reading your answers.

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