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I found this tag on Kristin Kraves Books. This tag originated on Ariel Bissett’s Booktube Channel and asks the questions ‘If you were the Ruler of Books, what would you do?’ So, time for me to make my perfect bookish world!

What book would you make everyone read?

this is going to hurt

Everyone who uses the NHS should use this and have a proper appreciation for how much junior doctors have to go through. Perhaps, then, people in my perfect book world would have a bit more respect for them and not stick silly things into intimate places.

What would you abolish in book construction?

Sequel previews. I never, ever, read them as, if I do end up reading the sequel, it ruins the opening for me. Since I’ve already read it, I end up skipping over it so I start the book not in the zone and it’s hard for me to get back into it. I prefer going into a book almost completely blind. If it can’t sell me with its premise, its first chapter isn’t going to change my mind.

What author would you commission to write you any book?

brandon sanderson

What a tough question! I’m going to go with Brandon Sanderson simply because I can tell how much work he puts into his books to make them absolute masterpieces. From the books I’ve read by him so far, it seems he can do no wrong.

What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for new books?

normal people

I want a book with such unlikable characters and such a pointless story out of my sight!

What cover artist would you commission to make a mural?


Lucy Rose. I love book covers you can go back to after you’ve finished it and spot all the details from the plot hidden within it. This cover alone would make an amazing mural so Lucy Rose would be perfect for making a wonderfully intricate art piece.

What characters face would you put on a coin?

hero of ages

Her face is probably on a coin in her world anyway but she needs to be looked up as someone who battled adversity and her own demons to become a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention, coins are one of the most useful tools in her arsenal so it’s quite fitting.

What book would you award the “Ruler of Books” 2019 Prize to?

What do you think?

I tag anyone who wants to make their own perfect bookish world.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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