In One Word

In One Word, Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James is…

black leopard

  • Published in 2019 by Riverhead Books
  • Format: Audiobook
    • Narrator: Dion Graham
    • Listening Speed: 1x
  • Listening time: 2 disturbing days (before DNFing at 4%)


  • Now to take on another Go Big or Go Home book. I’ve heard fairly mixed reviews about this one so I hope I find it okay.
  • Ominous beginning. The story is told in retrospect and, as far as I can determine, by a violent prisoner not above killing to make a point telling the story of how he got there to an interrogator. Some of it has the feeling of a fairytale and the voice of the audiobook narrator creates a good atmosphere. That said, I am failing to follow the story very well. It seems to be going off on a lot of tangents.
  • Perturbed by some grotesque imagery. In particular, the notions around cutting away the man from the woman and the woman from the man turn the stomach. There’s a disturbing focus on ‘being a man’ too.
  • Entirely convinced that this book isn’t for me and I don’t have the time or the patience to give this more attention than I’ve already given it. So, I’m sorry but DNFing at 4% and returning the audiobook. That’s two DNFed books on the same challenge. That’s a little worrying.

Goodreads Rating: None – I didn’t feel I had got far enough to warrant giving it a rating.

Did you agree with my rating? Can you think of a better word to describe it? Please let me know with a like, share or comment.

8 thoughts on “In One Word, Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James is…”

  1. I DNF’d this one, too 😕 it is definitely not for everyone and I know someone out there will love the style and mysticism of it all but I just took things too literally it was….a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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