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The Spring Book Tag

Time to do this tag I found in alittlebutalot while spring lasts.

1. What’s on your Spring TBR list?


I am a bit of a mood reader and so it’s a bit hard for me to predict which books I’m going to read. The books I definitely need to read for GirlXOXO Monthly Motifs and the Classic Women Literature Reading Challenge are A Court of Thorns and Roses, Olive and The Face in the Glass.

2. If someone asked you for a spring release recommendation, what would it be?


I’m actually recommending a book that isn’t even out yet but I loved the Book of the Ancestor trilogy and the ARC reviews for this are glowing.

3. Which two books coming out before summer are you eagerly awaiting?

Necromancy, yep! Sirens, sign me up!

4. Which character would make a great Easter bunny?

beneath the sugar sky

Probably Sumi from the Wayward Children series. She would hide them in the craziest places and probably come up with some wild confections for the kids to find.

5. What book makes you think of spring?

as you like it

I see As You Like It as a real spring play, full of young love and playfulness. I’ve picked the manga version for this tag since I also like an easy read because I’ll definitely have spent the winter reading some heavyweights.

6. Name a cover with flowers on it.

bear and the nightingale

Kept you waiting, huh? I knew it wouldn’t be long before Winternight found its way on a tag again!

7. Which two characters would you go on an Easter egg hunt with?

Probably Ginny Weasley because she grew up competing with six older brothers and can handle a little competition like this. Plus, she can do a Summoning Charm if I’m struggling and no, it’s not cheating! Neither is using an alethieometer to find them so Lyra from His Dark Materials is coming along too.

8. What is your favorite spring bookish activity?


Reading books while stuffing my face with easter eggs.

9. Which book did you enjoy that has a spring-like cover?


Turns I don’t read many books with spring-like covers so I’m just opting for an old favourite. Hey, it’s got flowers on it!

10. Who is your favorite contemporary author?

At the moment, my favourite is definitely Justina Ireland but Seanan McGuire, Katherine Arden and Leigh Bardugo are all strong contenders.

I tag anyone who wants to make the most of spring while it lasts!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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