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You know me. I love summing up books In One Word. As an English Literature nerd, I love expanding my vocabulary and what better way to do it than through books and through another great tag from Sweaters and Raindrops?

This tag was originally crated by Bookmark Your Thoughts.

Effulgent | Brilliantly radiant

A book with a beautiful cover


Just look at this cover. This looks like it should belong in a museum or an art gallery.

Metanoia | The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life

A character who goes through a major transformation

ghost town

I’m so proud of how far Claire Danvers has come over the series, going from downtrodden crybaby to major political player despite being a human in a vampire’s world.

Sockdolager | Decisive retort; mic drop

A character who always has a good comeback

dread nation

Jane McKeene’s wit is as quick as her blade.

Sesquipedalian | Containing many syllables; long winded

The longest book you’ve read

way of kings 1

Clocking in at 1,124 pages, this book nearly made me fail one of my reading challenges because I foolishly left it until the last days of 2019. It took 4 days of reading almost non-stop but I made it to the end before 2020 and it was absolutely worth it!

Ephemeral | Lasting for a very short time

The shortest book you’ve read

letter from birmingham jail

The book may be small but Dr King’s words are mighty.

Serenity | The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled

A book that makes you feel calm and happy

queens of geek

This book made me smile so much as I was reading it!

Oblivion | The state of being unaware of what’s happening around you

A novel with a complex plot

the final empire

The whole of the Mistborn trilogy requires your undivided attention but it’s not hard as the characters and the story are both brilliant.

Rantipole | To be wild and reckless

A reckless character

Twice Magic

Poor Xar, he means well but never thinks before he acts!

Nefarious | Wicked, villainous, despicable

Your favourite villain


It depends when you ask me and, at the moment, it’s probably Winzik and Brade. Winzik was the first character I hated instinctively since Umbridge and I’d rather like to know Brade’s story.

Ineffable | Too great to be expressed in words

Your favourite book or book series

Yep, you saw this answer a mile off, didn’t you?

Trouvaille | Something lovely discovered by chance

A book you didn’t expect to love


Thanks to secondary school poetry lessons, I never thought I’d be crazy for poetry. This book proved me wrong.

Nostalgia | A wistful desire to return in thought to a former time in one’s life

A book or character that makes you feel nostalgic

worst witch

Before Harry Potter took over my life, my favourite magical book was The Worst Witch series. I adored the TV series too (the original is definitely the best).

I tag anyone who wants to find the words to express how much they love their books.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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