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In One Word, Soulless: The Manga – Volume 1 by Gail Carriger and Rem is…

soulless manga

  • Published in 2012 by Yen Press
  • Format: Paperback Manga
  • Reading Time: 3 underwhelming days


  • Got this for my birthday. I loved the audiobook version of this and so I was really eager to get my hands on the manga version as I was hoping that this would add to the story. After reading it, however, I honestly can’t say it has.


  • Entertaining story is followed fairly closely as Alexia Tarabotti’s disappointing night is made even worse by an assault from a rove vampire. Unluckily for the vampire, she is a preternatural, a ‘soulless’ being that can neutralise a supernatural being’s abilities just by touch. Further enquiries prove that this vampire was no ordinary rove but a sign of something much more sinister that threatens the human society, the supernatural society and the fragile alliance in between.


  • Now, I know that the book said that Alexia has a generous bosom but I felt that the manga was taking it a bit too far. They also took the sexy side of thinks too far. I knows it’s a manga but does it have to play to stereotype? I might despise sexy scenes in books but I think I definitely prefer them in writing than a picture. At least, in the text version, it can be funny rather than embarrassing. This is not a book to be read where someone of delicate sensibilities can look over your shoulder.


  • Especially hit and miss with the designs. The golem was definitely scary and Lord Akeldema was a fantastic dandy but I felt Lord Macconn looked a bit too young. The whole manga is done in a shoujo-esque style and it fell right into that trap. The artist also missed a great chance to add some interesting background details to show how different this alternate world is. All we got that added to the story is an interesting diagram of the golem but the rest are just few and tiny background details like a blimp and a strange type of bicycle.


  • Rather feel like most of the wit and humour was taken out of the story. I don’t know whether it was just the fact that it was in manga format or whether the creators left too much out but, while the book had some laugh out loud moments, this one definitely did not. I don’t think I even liked Alexia as much in this version.


  • I think the Hypocras Club was made a bit more diabolical in this version but they still aren’t expanded on which is a shame, though it does add a little epilogue for Mr MacDougall.


  • Can’t say I enjoyed that as much as I hoped I would. The art style didn’t grab me, there was too much in the way of pervy content and it didn’t add as much as it could have done to the original text. I think I’ll definitely have to stick to the audiobooks.

Goodreads Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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