Reading Corner

August Reading Corner

This stupid reading slump is still clinging to me like a persistent limpet. I’ve gone back to two reviews a week and I’m still struggling to keep up. I’ve only managed to clock in at 7 books this month, an all time low for 2020. I’ve already had to push back my CROWS schedule because, although I’ve finally got to the end of Drachenfels, I still haven’t been able to write a review. Things just came to boiling point this month. A word to the wise, don’t try to balance submitting a chapter on Scribophile every day, revising for an exam and a full time job all in one go. I’ve had to give up Scribophile and writing in general until my exam’s out of the way.

One of the things that has really kept me going is the book blogging community. Being tagged for the Summer Reading Challenge 2020 came at just the right time and being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award was a lovely surprise. So, thank you, my likers, commenters, followers and just-passing-through-ers. You guys are great.

Currently Reading/Listening


  • Beloved by Toni Morrison 📖 – 0%
  • Vampire Kisses by Ellen Shreiber 📖 – 35%
  • Medusa Uploaded 🎧 – 81%

New Acquaintances (New Reads)



  • Drachenfels by Jack Yeovil

Book Tags

Future Meetings

  • The Ocean At The End Of The Lane (Illustrated Edition) by Neil Gaiman – my next GirlXOXO read and one I’m really looking forward to. It pulled me out of a bad place before. Let’s hope it does so again.
  • The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot – my next Classic Women Reading Challenge read
  • Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson – I’ve got the two volumes this month and I definitely need to make them a priority. I want to finish at least one reading challenge by the end of the year.
  • Snuff by Terry Pratchett – this book is going to haunt me all year, isn’t it?

Future Engagements

  • Disney Parks Book Tag
  • The Reader Problems Book Tag
  • The End of the Year Book Tag

I hope to see you again very soon.

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