Reading Corner

October Reading Corner

This was the month when I really decided to pull myself together and get the Golden Trio Reading Challenge done. Not only is it really uncomfortable to be doing a Harry Potter related challenge but I am very behind on my Turtle Recall challenge and need to clear the way for a two month long Discworld binge. As you can see, I managed to pull it off and, despite two DNFs, this was a very successful reading month with thirteen books.

It was also a successful Scribophile month as I managed to finally post the whole of my novel on the site. Not only that but I also managed to knock out a short story in a week to participate in a Halloween-themed competition. It provided a good warm up for Nanowrimo as well. Speaking of which, I decided to do something a little different. Rather than yet another redraft of my first novel, I’ve decided to embark on a completely new project. New world, new genre, new characters, new everything. I’ve also decided to do a lot more planning than I usually do. I’ve taken the advice given in Save the Cat! to heart and devoted my corkboard to colour-coded story-beat cards and bundles of world building notes. Let’s hope it’s all worth it!

Currently Reading/Listening

  • Words of Radiance, Book 1 by Brandon Sanderson
  • Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

New Acquaintances

Podcasts (for the first time in ages!)

  • We Will Get Past This hosted by Sandi Toksvig – I love Sandi Toksvig and all the interesting historic tidbits she has to offer. It ended a while ago but, since history looks to repeat itself (within the same year, no less), it’s good to go back to that spring optimism.

Book Tags

Future Meetings

  • Mary Shelley: The Short Stories – I’ve already read Frankenstein and The Last Man and her other novels don’t really appeal to me so I’m going for the short stories instead for the Classic Women Reading Challenge
  • The Gentleman’s Guide To Getting Lucky by Mackenzi Lee – my next GirlXOXO Monthly Motifs and another short read. Can’t wait to check with the hot mess that is Henry Montague
  • Words of Radiance, Book 2 by Brandon Sanderson – need to get this done now so I’m not rushing in December

Future Engagements

  • The Beatles Book Tag (tagged by The Orangutan Librarian)
  • The Beauty And The Beast Book Tag (tagged by Whispering Stories)
  • The Liebster Award (tagged by Sweaters and Raindrops)
  • How Well Do You Know Your Books Challenge

I hope to see you again very soon.

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