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The Beatles Book Tag!

A big thank you to the Orangutan Librarian for tagging me! I’m not the biggest fan of the Beatles but I live very close to their home city of Liverpool so it is a pretty big part of my life. I’ve been to the Beatles Story, used to have Yellow Submarine on VHS and see Beatles statues/important places all the time on my commute.


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Okay let’s rock ‘n roll!

strange the dreamer

Lazlo is a precious cinnamon roll and I wish he was real so he could be my friend and I could guard him with my life!

bear and the nightingale

Yeah, you knew the Bear and the Nightingale was coming. I will never miss an opportunity to big up the Winternight trilogy!


The perfect sweet reading treat to make you smile after a hard day!

art matters

When I listened to this audiobook last December, I was not in a good place emotionally. I was mentally running on fumes and my creative energies were all but spent. This was just the thing to pick me back up again and motivate me into making another stab at redrafting my novel.


In the best possible way! I’m still feeling the massive book hangover caused by that ending!

clockwork prince

Love triangles, over-quoting, a plot that achieved absolutely nothing and negative Northern stereotypes? Get thee behind me, foul folio!

seven husbands

I know the story is mostly about Evelyn but Monique, a writer struggling to get her foot in the door, is a big part too.


So weird that I lost track of it and ended up DNFing. Sorry, Starless Sea. It wasn’t you, it was me.

we are okay

This book is all about a different kind of loneliness – the sort where everyone around you is trying to reach out to you but there’s an impenetrable barrier preventing you from accepting their help.

the diviners

New York will always have a special place in my heart. The modern New York, I mean, not a 1920s haunted by a murderous ghost New York!


+ 5 points for showing a thriving society run by women. -10 points for being anti-abortion and its racist undertones.

good omens

Going to have to copy The Orangutan Librarian on this one but this is just absolutely ineffable!

downstairs girl

The climax alone was an emotional roller-coaster ride but the rest was just as good!

smoke gets in your eyes

It certainly shook up my views on mortality for the better and I’m very glad I listened to this.

ten thousand doors

Well-written portal fantasy is just my cup of tea and this was a whole year’s supply worth of the best tea!


I loved The Familiars and was hoping for something similar with this one. But, it was just a straight historical fiction with hardly any Gothic undertones and was wrapped up way too quickly.

horse and his boy

The Chronicles of Narnia were my first audiobooks (back when they were on cassette) and the Horse and His Boy is still my favourite.

dead ever after

Vampire books in general have a bad rep thanks to Twilight and the Southern Vampire Mysteries get dismissed as being trashy but there’s some genuinely good world building in this series and a great main character.


The Wayward Children series really is something special. If you want an innovative take on portal fantasy that doesn’t take up too much of your time, look not further!

peas and queues

Not just words of wisdom but some very funny anecdotes to go with them!

tea dragon society

I dare you to read this and not be smiling by the end!

ocean at the end of the lane illustrated

I recently re-read the illustrated version and it reminded me why I absolutely love Ocean At the End of The Lane. I will definitely be going back for a third re-read and many more in the future!

Annnd time for a quick Bonus Question: What’s your favourite Beatles song?

yellow submarine

Probably Yellow Submarine. Not just because of the film but because me and my brother used to make up silly alternate lyrics when we were kids. Some of which involve sharks eating the submarine!

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I hope to see you again very soon.

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10 thoughts on “The Beatles Book Tag!”

  1. yay so happy you did this tag!! Ohh I adore lazlo too. ooh love your pick of heartstopper! I like the sound of art matters. And really want to read starsight- the library waitlist is sooo long! ahh yeah I felt similarly about starless sea. agree with you about ten thousand doors of january! really want to read tea dragon society as well.

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