The Liebster Award – Take 2

A big, big thank you to Lucy @ Bookworm Blogger for nominating me! I never thought I would be nominated for one Liebster Award, let alone two!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions
  • Notify your 11 nominees

What is your favourite season and why?

happy winter

Winter! Best food, best clothes, best aesthetic, best everything!

Roughly how many books do you own? (You can include e-Books if you want)

merlin books

Ooh, that’s a toughie. The only thing I can do in this situation is take a wild guess. I know I own nearly 200 audiobooks so, added to the roughly 150 physical books and 10 ebooks, I’d guesstimate about 360. I hope I’m right now because that means I have almost one book for every day of the year.

Who is an author you know will never disappoint you?

ocean at the end of the lane illustrated

On the quality of their writing or their general behaviour? In both cases, it’s Neil Gaiman. I’ve never ranked any of his books below four stars and he hasn’t (to my knowledge) voiced any dodgy views on social media yet.

Where is one place in the world you’ve always wanted to visit?


I’ve wanted to visit Japan ever since I was a teenage anime fan. I even tried to teach myself Japanese so I could get around easily but that didn’t go anywhere.

Name a series you’ve read recently that you enjoyed.

I think this might actually be the only series I’ve read in its entirety recently but the Shadow and Bone trilogy was well worth the hours binge-reading to meet a reading challenge deadline!

Can you tell me an interesting fact about yourself that has nothing to do with books?


I love yoga. It’s hard to make myself put aside time for it nowadays but, now that my weekly online class is back on, I’ll get back into it.

What is your go to genre and why? Who are some of your favourite authors from that genre?

Fantasy! In particular, I am a sucker for portal fantasy and the authors I can recommend from that genre are Seanan McGuire (author of the Wayward Children series) and Alix E Harrow (author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January)

If the world was attacked by zombies what would your survival method be?


Probably find somewhere safe to hide, try to sneak around the zombies and realise far too late that stealth skills in video games does not equate to real life stealth skills!

Name something good to happen to you this year

i passed

I passed all my law exams with good grades. Even the one I had to take from home with remote invigilating.

How has your reading been this year? Have you already reached your reading goal or have you been stuck in a slump?

ups and down

It’s been pretty varied all year. I’ve been through great reading months and then some crushing reading slumps. I’m not quite at my reading goal yet. At the time of writing, I’m about 13 books away from my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal but I am working as hard as I can and I think I can read it.

My questions:

  1. Would you rather have seven dogs, seven cats or seven birds as pets?
  2. What is your least favourite season and why?
  3. What have you discovered this year (e.g. great TV show, hidden talent, etc)?
  4. Is there anything from 2020 that you’re going to miss? Anything at all?
  5. What song describes your life right now?
  6. If you could turn yourself into an animal for an hour every day, which would it be?
  7. Which fictional character would you love to move in with?
  8. Which book would you love to experience for the first time all over again?
  9. Which show from your childhood would you love to see a reboot of?
  10. Would you rather be given your weight in gold or your weight in books?
  11. If you could live anywhere in the world (fictional places included), where would you live?

I tag:

I hope to see you again very soon.

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