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2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (6 of 6) FINAL

I really tried to be better organised with my reading challenges. I even calculated page and hour targets for the last ten days of the year to make sure I completed all my challenges but I was still lagging. Yet again, the Christmas break (and a lot of long hours of determined reading) saved the day!

A Dance With Books’ Turtle Recall

turtle recall

25/25 books – Anhk-Morpork Level Achieved!

For a while, I honestly thought I would have to concede defeat on this one. I realised in November that I had left completing this challenge way too late and it was a race against the calendar to balance a Discworld binge and all my other challenges. Not to mention, reviewing all of them. But, with planning and dogged determination, I managed it and I am so glad I did! This was so much fun and I can say now that, with all the books I read for this added to my previous Discworld total, I have officially read every single mainline Discworld novel!

pokemon celebration

A Dance With Books’ Go Big or Go Home


9/9 books

  • 1000+ Pages – Words of Radiance Part 1 and Part 2 by Brandon Sanderson

When will I learn not to leave Stormlight Archive books until the last minute? Clearly, not this year. This was another one/two I really had to work hard to get through. It’s a good thing that Brandon Sanderson books are always worth the effort!

pokemon celebration

GirlXOXO Monthly Motifs

Two great short audiobooks to round off the year. I would recommend both but, in particular, Letters from Father Christmas. It’s a fantastic festive read.

pokemon celebration

Foxes and Fairy Tales’ Classic Women Reading Challenge

I don’t think I chose as wisely on this reading challenge. Oh well.

pokemon celebration

Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge

152/150 books

Just scraped across the line this time but I did it!

pokemon celebration


It was a lot harder than I expected to meet all my challenges, especially considering how much more free time I had this year compared to last year. I certainly didn’t expect to be 19 books short of last year’s total. Maybe, I was just reading more substantial books or, maybe, I was more distracted with other things like my legal apprenticeship. Maybe, I shouldn’t have taken on seven reading challenges this year. I’d better be a bit more realistic when picking my reading challenges for 2021…oh, who am I kidding? I know I won’t!

Have you taken on any reading challenges for 2021? Can you recommend any? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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