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Fathoming Books: 6 Reasons to be ‘Late to the Party’

I would never say that I stay on top of all the new releases. It’s all I can do to even find out about new releases, let alone read and review a book the minute it comes out. Sometimes, I feel a bit guilty for not being more up-to-date but, overall, I’m happy like that. Who needs the pressure of reading a book as soon as it’s released or even before it’s released when you already have a packed reading schedule full of books from previous years?

So, here are six reasons to be ‘late to the party’ with new book releases.

1 ft – No pressure to review

Fathoming hexagon 1ftI’ve never requested an ARC and will probably never do so. I don’t think I could take being under pressure to review advance copies by a certain deadline on top of my already hectic reading schedule. It’s also the reason why I don’t think I could take part in a blog book tour. I have trouble keeping on top of my self-imposed schedule as it is, let alone one imposed on me. Once the book is out and once the immediate post-release rush is over, there’s no time limit on reviewing it. You can take as much time over it as you want. The only thing you have to battle is your own expectations on how fast you can read and your own self-imposed targets.

2 ft – Your expectations are tempered

Fathoming hexagon 2ftIt’s so easy to get swept up in the hype. You read the blurb, you’re entranced by the cover, you hear it’s going to be better than all your favourites and your expectations go through the roof. Unfortunately, they can overshoot the boundaries of realism. When you finally get your hands on the book, you might find it falls way short of your expectations. It might have a fatal flaw you can’t see past. It may indeed have some aspects of your favourites but, for some reason, they just don’t resonate with you. Avoid the trap your expectations can lay. Wait until all the fuss has died down and your cool head has retaken control. Then, you can put your efforts into finding out whether the book really is worth all the hype and worth your money and time.

3 ft – You have a better idea of what to expect

Fathoming hexagon 3ftGiving a book more time to settle in means more time for other reviews to come out. Whether it’s in newspapers or in other book blogs, you can get a much better idea of what it’s really like. You have more than just the promotional materials to go on and you have some advance warning if it turns out the promotional materials was overexaggerating some of the books’ good points. It’s the reason why I never, ever, pre-order anything, whether it’s with books, film tickets or video games. Now, from my experience, book marketing doesn’t tend to be downright deceitful. It’s definitely not as bad as video game marketing can be, anyway. What you have to remember, though, is, when you pre-order anything, you’re not paying the creators to make a good product. You’re paying them to make a good marketing campaign. Good, honest reviews are the only way you can be absolutely sure that you are getting something good. Even if it’s from an author or a series you love, it’s always a good idea to hang back and see what the advance guard of reviewers have to say before opening your wallet. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a book a chance if the reviews are mixed, of course. You might find that the reviewers hated it but you loved it. Either way, you’ll go in forewarned and you’ll be less likely to be disappointed.

4 ft – There’s more merchandise available

Fathoming hexagon 4ftIf it turns out that this is your next favourite, then, great but how are you going to proclaim your love to the world? Through merchandise, either bought or made yourself. Unfortunately, if you get the book just after it came out, the community of fans won’t be fully formed and brilliant merchandise creators in places like Etsy won’t have had a chance to even get their drawing boards out, let alone make anything. If you give it a month or two, however, you’ll have plenty of good items to choose from. You’ll certainly be able to find tutorials in how to make your own if you’re of a crafting nature too. You’ll also have a fully-formed community of people who loved this book that you can join too and you’ll probably have an easier time making friends with them. Everyone loves a new convert!

5 ft – There might be a film/TV adaptation

Fathoming hexagon 5ftLeading on from my last point, there’s a good chance that, if a book does turn out to be as good as the marketing says, there may be a screen adaption in the works. It might have already been released and you’ve managed to hold out against Youtube clip spoilers long enough to fully enjoy it. Either way, you get to be part of that privileged group who was able to read the book beforehand and cast judgement on the adaptation for its casting, costumes and creative licences. Whether it’s complimentary or cutting, you can say with confidence what you think the adaptation makers’ decisions. You can also introduce new people to the series and be able to say ‘y’know, the book is way better’ with complete honesty.

6 ft – The series might be finished

Fathoming hexagon 6ftIf you read the first book or even a book halfway through a series before it’s finished, you will find yourself in the torturous position of hanging on tenterhooks for the next instalment. This could land you right back on 2 ft, especially if the next instalment doesn’t live up to the first. In the worst case scenario, if you’re in the position where you’ve accidentally picked up a book halfway through the series because you’re way too hyped, you can find yourself completely spoiled for the previous book and your experience with the whole series is ruined. If you hold back and do some research on where’s the best place to start or which instalments you should avoid, your reading experience will definitely be improved.

Do you agree with my list? Do you prefer reading all the latest releases or are you a late-to-the-party person? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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6 thoughts on “Fathoming Books: 6 Reasons to be ‘Late to the Party’”

  1. All good points! I do pre-order books, but usually only from my favorite authors. I’m especially likely to pre-order sequels if I loved the first book. But everything else I’m with you on. I tend to avoid hyped books until I’ve seen some more moderate reviews.

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