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The Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag

Big thanks to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for tagging me!

Here’s the premise:
You get to go on a week-long retreat to chill and have fun after the stressful 2020 experience. set the scene of your dream winter retreat and, using the prompts, round up the characters you’d like to vacation with!

Step One: Travel destination and accommodation

I definitely want to go somewhere snowy. What’s the point of a winter retreat if you’re not going to see any snow, after all? I’ll go with Canada and I’ll also say that I only want to see the snow. I don’t particularly want to tough it out in Arctic conditions so I’ll have a luxury lodge in the country with a massive library, a good video game room and, most of all, a perfectly functional phone, Internet connection and suitable escape vehicle. I wasn’t born yesterday! I might want to get away from civilisation but I know what happens when people get together in an isolated cabin in the woods! I’m not opening myself up to be trapped and/or the first one who dies if/when one of the guests starts murdering everyone/a monster comes out of the woods/vengeful ghosts start popping up!


Step Two: Who’s Joining!?

With this, let’s dive into the prompts!

  • A fun character whose presence would cheer up any situation


Kimmalyn would always think of something the Saint said that can make any situation a bit better!

  • A character who would parent everyone

wizards of once

Poor Caliburn, he would probably worry all his feathers out trying to keep this lot under control!

  • A character who would plan games and other activities

the diviners

Evie would definitely organise lots of drinking games and it would get way out of hand!

  • A character who would rather cozy up in blankets and sleep/laze around all day

gentleman vice

Monty would stay in a blanket burrito with Percy, making the excuse that the cold makes his perfect skin crack and he hasn’t packed the right clothes anyway (which is a bare-faced lie).

  • A character who had to cancel other plans to be here


Ead and Sabran would definitely have to think of a good excuse to get out of whatever royal engagement was keeping them from coming but I’m sure they’d manage it.

  • A character who bought their work along with them


Poor Commander Vimes. Wherever he goes, his work goes with him, whether he likes it or not. So, it’s a fair bet there will be some kind of crime at the retreat but, at least, we’ll have Commander Vimes to get to the bottom of it and make sure no one does anything stupid!

  • A character who would not leave their partner’s side

heartstopper 3

Nick and Charlie would probably spend lots of time cuddling each other for warmth!

  • A character who is amused by everyone’s antics

seven husbands

Evelyn would watch the shenanigans from the sidelines with a fashionable drink in her hand and an amused smile on her face.

I tag:

Anyone who wants to get away from this winter!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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