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Big thanks to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for the tag!


  1. Include the tag image in your post, please!
  2. Revert the audience to the original creator – Musing of Souls.
  3. Link this post to your tag content, makes it easier for me to read! (Link here.)
  4. Tag as many people you like!
  5. Do not alter the original questions, though, you are allowed to add more questions to it!
  6. Just enjoy!
  • Chapter 1: Let me Cry :A book you loved so much that you just didn’t wish to finish it, link a song to it if possible!

in an absent dream

Any of the Wayward Children series would count but I think I’d have to go with In An Absent Dream. I’d read Every Heart A Doorway first so I was sort of dreading the ending and wishing the book would go on longer so I didn’t have to finish it. I suppose that counts, doesn’t it? Can’t think of a song to match it, I’m afraid. If anyone can think of one, let me know.

  • Chapter 2: Little to biggy: A book which includes transition of age (it may have flashbacks from past, just age transformation of some sort.)

The His Dark Materials series involves the characters’ daemons ‘settling’ when they hit puberty, which is a big transition and milestone in their lives. I just want a daemon, damn it!

  • Chapter 3: Just move on. A book which you just wanted to finish as you did not enjoy it.

I came very close to DNFing this book. It took too damn long to get going and didn’t present much that was worth the wait. The only reason I finished it was because I’d already DNFed one book for that particular reading challenge prompt and I didn’t want to go to the effort to find another 500 page book to fulfil it.

  • Chapter 4: Keep coming back. A book which you read again and again because you love a character so much.

bear and the nightingale

I love Vasya and the Winternight world so much. I recently re-read The Bear and the Nightingale for the same reading challenge I mentioned in the last question and loved it just as much as I did the first time!

  • Chapter 5: Piling up: A book which you have not opened but want to(for a long time), can be read or unread before.)
    death by shakespeare

This has been sitting on my shelf for much too long. I’m excited to read it because I’m a massive Shakespeare nerd but other books just keep getting in the way. I will read it this year, though! I’ve made it part of my Popsugar Reading Challenge list so I will get around to it at some point!

I tag anyone who wants to close the chapter on, well, anything!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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