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The Greek Gods Book Tag

I’ll admit, I love myself some good myths. I am definitely up for a book tag with a myth theme so, when I saw this on Autumnfyre Pages, you can bet I wanted to do it.

By the way, if you’re a fan of myths like me and you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend checking out Overly Sarcastic Productions’ channel. It’s full of funny takes on various myths, not just Greek ones. Here’s a link to their video on my personal favourite Greek myth.

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Zeus, King of the Gods: Your Favourite Book

bear and the nightingale

The whole Winternight series is my favourite series and re-reading the first book recently has reaffirmed how much I love it.

Hera, Queen of the Gods: A badass female character

dread nation

Jane McKeene from the Dread Nation duology. If there’s anyone you want on your side when the zombie apocalypse is upon us, it’s her!

Janus, God of Beginnings: Your favourite debut(s)

ten thousand doors

I am an absolute sucker for portal fantasy and this debut book is just the sort of splendid take on it that I love.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom: Your favourite non-fiction book

death by shakespeare

Shakespeare, gruesome parts of history, literary nitpicking, this ticks all my boxes!

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love: A book you adore and recommend everyone read


I defy anyone to read this and not instantly fall in love with this story!

Hades, God of the Underworld: An evil book you wish didn't exist

cape may 1

Adults acting like children, sex on almost every page, a genuinely interesting character wasted? No, no and double no!

Poseidon, God of the Sea and Earthquakes: A beautiful and ground breaking book


Every part of this book was beautifully done from the excellent world building to the brilliant characters. Plus, it’s a feminist retelling of St George and the dragon with positive depictions of same-sex relationships. It’s just perfection!

Apollo, God of the Arts: A beautiful book cover


Just look at all those gorgeous details!

Hypnos, God of Sleep: A book so boring you almost fell asleep


Not only was it boring me but it was offending me with how horrible M. Paul was and how passive Lucy was being in response to it. It was so boring that I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it.

Hermes, Messenger of the Gods: A book you sped through

hunger games trilogy

I decided not to put the books I sped through because I had to for book club or for reading challenges. That would give me too much choice. Instead, I’m picking the Hunger Games. I sped through the whole trilogy in about a week when the first film was announced. The whole trilogy is a pretty easy read so getting through it was no problem at all.

I tag anyone who fancies a little literary foray up to Olympus!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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