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Big thanks to Bookforager for tagging me. It’s time for me to make some embarrassing confessions and to also spend more time than I probably should have done on detective work into who created each additional question. I just felt the ones who added a question to the original set of 10 should get the credit. It took a while going through the link chain but I think it was worth it.

So, as I said, the first 10 questions were created by the tag’s original creator (link’s below). The rest were created by the people I’ve named below. I debated on whether I should add a link to each of their blogs but I decided not to in the end. I didn’t want their blogs getting spammed with pingbacks. I think I’ve given enough information to let you find their answers on your own if you’re so inclined. Let me know if you think that’s the right decision and don’t be afraid to let me know if I got any of the names wrong.

Original Creator: Madame Writer/Anne with a Book.

The rules are as follows:

  • Link back to the original creator.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you.
  • Answer all prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least five people.
  • Don’t lie.

Never have I ever… read a later book in a series before reading the first book.

night world volume 3

I’ve accidentally bought a later book in the series before reading the first book (I did it with the Night World series) and once waited far too long to read the second book of a series so I had to go back and re-read the first one but, no. I don’t think I’ve deliberately read a later book in the series before the first one.

Never have I ever… burned a book.

ace no

No! I would never burn books for any reason. I would roast them with my words but never with actual flames.

Never have I ever… Read a book I knew I would hate.


I’ve read books that had mixed reviews and that I ended up hating (like the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes) but I don’t think I’ve ever read a book knowing that I was going to loathe it. I’ve re-read books I knew I would hate but I can’t say I’ve read a book for the first time knowing I’ll hate it.

Never have I ever… written fanfiction about my favourite books.

harry potter

Guilty as charged! I was one of many who wrote HP fanfiction in my teenage years. I still occasionally pick up a fanfiction or two but I haven’t posted one online for years now and they tend to be video game fanfiction rather than book fics.

Never have I ever… loved a book when I was young that I hated when I got older.

tail of emily windsnap

I wouldn’t say ‘hated’. I would say ‘didn’t like as much the first time’. A recent example of this is ‘The Tail of Emily Windsnap’.

Never have I ever… dressed up as one of my favourite literary characters.


No but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t. I totally would!

Never have I ever… hated a book by an author I love.

over the woodward wall

I wouldn’t say hated. I would say I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Over The Woodward Wall definitely falls into that category.

Never have I ever… gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more.

yes yes

Yep, yep and double yep!

Never have I ever… read the end of a book before reading the beginning.

ninth house

Well, not exactly. I have looked up full summaries of books that I’m struggling with to see if it’s worth continuing on. I recently did it with Ninth House and decided to DNF it on that basis.

Never have I ever… read a book without the dust cover.

uh no

Not to my knowledge. I’ve lost dust covers before now but I don’t think I’ve actually read the thing without it.

Millay @ Millay’s Musing’s Question: Never have I ever… skim-read nearly half a book.


On many, many, of my CROWS books, yes, and especially where there’s a lot of sex scenes that I don’t want to read. Minion definitely fell into that category.

Paper Hearts’ Question: Never have I ever… pretended to have read a book I haven’t read.

pikachu no

Nope. I’m not that good of a liar.

Cherelle @ A Bolt out of a Book’s Question: Never have I ever… watched the movie before reading the book.

noughts and crosses

I’m afraid so. I recently watched the BBC version of Noughts and Crosses before reading so the book ending took me completely by surprise.

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories’ Question: Never have I ever… had a book boyfriend.


Nope. Never had a boyfriend, period.

Readworth’s Question: Never have I ever… read a history or anthropology book for fun.


Yep. I don’t mind a bit of history. I recently read a book around the fight for the abolition of slavery in Britain. The title’s a bit misleading as there is very little about Dido Elizabeth Belle but it’s still and interesting read.

Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog’s Question: Never have I ever… picked up a book based on the cover alone.


Guilty as charged! The worst example of this is still The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock. I picked it up, thinking it would have some mermaids in it but I was completely wrong!

Evelyn @ Evelyn Reads’ Question: Never have I ever… bought multiple books in a series without having started it.

house of night

In my defence, the first nine books of the House of Night series were all in a charity shop and they were all 99p per book.  

Lisa @ Way Too Fantasy’s Question: Never have I ever… kept reading a series even though I didn’t love the first book.

all together dead

Yep. Again, this happened mostly with CROWS books as I needed to read the books whether I liked them or not so I could write the reviews. In the case of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, however, I think that was a good thing. Dead Until Dark wasn’t the best of the bunch but the series got better later down the line. I think All Together Dead is probably my favourite.

Zeezee @ Zeezee with Books’ Question: Never have I ever… read a book so quickly that I don’t remember what happened by the end.

way of kings 1

Yeah. I read that many books in a year that the details, including the ending, can sometimes leak out of my head. This is especially true when I binge a book, like I did with The Way of Kings because the deadline of a reading challenge was getting too close. It’s a good thing that the next book in the series was so good at getting me caught up. I’d be totally lost otherwise.

Bookforager’s Question: Never have I ever… stolen a book from the library.

no way

Nope. You can get books for free there. What’s the point?

Laura @ The Corner of Laura’s question: Never have I ever…pretended to like a book that you actually hated.

discovery of witches

I’ve never done this on this blog. I’ve been very honest with you. With my family and IRL friends, however, I’ve had to tell a fib or two. In this case, my mum got me the DVD of the first series of A Discovery of Witches for my birthday (probably because she knows I like vampire books and because she saw the book I was using for a CROWS review sitting on my shelf) so I couldn’t tell her I didn’t like it. I’m still waiting for the right moment to slip it into a bag destined for the charity shop without hurting her feelings.

I’m tagging:

I hope to see you again very soon.

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