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I’ve noticed that my tag schedule for this month is devoid of any Pride Month related tags. Well, that won’t do at all so I decided to do this tag which was linked on Lucy @ Bookworm Blogger.

Isabelle’s explanation of colours: This tag is based on the Progress Pride Flag (shown in the post header) and the meanings of different rose colors (as compiled from multiple sources), because why not?


  • Link back to the person who tagged you
  • Credit & link back to the creator: Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen
  • Each book you pick should have an LGBTQIA+ main character and/or an LGBTQIA+ author. Try to include diverse books: different romantic/ sexual/ gender orientations, different ethnicities, etc.

RED: A book that gives you courage or is about courage.

black flamingo

This is all about Michael finding the courage to be fierce rather than facilitating and to forge his own identity rather than trying to squash himself into a pigeonhole.

ORANGE: A book with a passionate/fierce protagonist.

you should see me in a crown

Liz isn’t just determined to win the prom queen crown but she’s determined for the right reasons. She’s the lesbian prom queen we all need!

YELLOW: A book that celebrates friendship.

prince and the dressmaker

The friendship between Sebastien and Frances is so cute. It’s wonderful to see them supporting each other throughout the book.

GREEN: A Middle Grade book and/or a book featuring kids


Reverie has a gang of high school kids with incredible powers led by an amnesiac gay boy. Does that count?

BLUE: A book which includes a wedding or an already-established LGBTQIA+ couple.

this coven won't break

Not only was Morgan and Hannah’s relationship established before this book but there’s a well-established lesbian couple in the background of This Coven Won’t Break and they’re even expecting a baby too.

PURPLE: A book featuring love at first sight.

lets talk about love

It’s safe to say that Alice fell for Takumi hard and fast the moment she saw him. He was so cute that he went and broke her Cutie Code.

BLACK: A book centered on an antihero or villain.

seven husbands

I’m not entirely sure if Evelyn can be officially classed as an antihero or not but she’s the closest I have to an antihero so I’m going with her.

BROWN: A book that celebrates family, chosen or given.

henna wars

Nishat clearly loves her family and her roots deeply. Despite everything they do to force Nishat to be something she isn’t, you know it didn’t come from a place of hatred and, in the end, they try their best to educate themselves and accept her.

LIGHT BLUE: A book about star-crossed lovers.

cemetery boys

Yadriel and Julian’s romance is so cute. If only death hadn’t already parted them.

PINK: A book as sweet as cotton candy.

Do I need to say any more? This series is the sweetest thing ever!

WHITE: A book that isn’t focused on romance.


While there is an adorable lesbian romance, the Wayward Children series is more about being sure in who you are and where you belong. It’s also a great take on the portal fantasy genre.

RAINBOW: Free choice! Recommend any LGBTQIA+ book that you love.


Beyond the Black Door has the best asexual rep I have yet seen. It’s also an amazing fantasy story with a gripping plot, a rich world and plenty more LGBTQIA+ characters besides Kamai.

I tag anyone else who wants to read the rainbow!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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3 thoughts on “Read The Rainbow Tag”

  1. oooh I love your answers, thank you for participating in my tag post 💕

    totally agree, The Prince and the Dressmaker is such an adorable read; I adore Evelyn Hugo (and she can totally count as an antihero, she does do some kind of shady things) and the Wayward Children series. and I’ll definitely have to check out Beyond the Black Door!

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