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For someone who only took history as far as Year 9 (and has lived to regret it), I am a big history nerd. Even if you’re not, I’ll bet that, if you’re from the UK, you still remember a thing or two about the Tudors. They are England’s most famous historical dynasty. The old rhyme ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived’ is engrained in most people’s minds and it’s no wonder history teachers choose this era for their classes time and again. There was never a dull moment in 1485-1603. Wars, succession crises by the number, a big damn break from the Catholic Church, an explosion of culture and an invasion or two.

The biggest thing that took place in the Tudor Era, for my money, is the first queens to rule in their first right but they’re not the only powerful women that deserve recognition. So, I was really glad to see a tag that celebrates their achievements.

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Elizabeth of York

elizabeth of york

Elizabeth of York became the first Tudor queen when she married Henry VII in 1486, a marriage which brought an end to the Wars of the Roses. Even though their match grew into a genuine love match, Henry had to kill Elizabeth’s own uncle, Richard III, at the Battle of Bosworth to become king, so choose a book with a complicated family

cemetery boys

Yadriel has a complicated network of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents and his family has a complicated view of him. His trans identity provoked a large range of reactions from complete acceptance to excluding him from their family’s traditions. Of course, Yadriel isn’t going to stand for that!

Katherine of Aragon

katherine of aragon

Katherine was the first of Henry VIII’s six wives, and when Henry sought to divorce her she fought until the bitter end to remain his queen. It was a battle she ultimately lost. Choose a book you forced yourself to finish even though you weren’t enjoying it

this coven won't break

I could say that I finished this just for a reading challenge but that’s not really an excuse. This book had such a lot of potential to make complex villains and take apart the ‘memory wiping to hide magic’ cliche but none of it was realised.

Anne Boleyn

anne boleyn

Henry was so enamoured by his second queen that he broke away from Rome and founded his own church just so he could marry her, but when she didn’t give him the son she promised he sent poor Anne to her death. Choose a book you used to love but wouldn’t love as much if you read it again now

clockwork angel

Considering how much I disliked Clockwork Prince when I read it not so long ago, I don’t think I would give Clockwork Angel 4 stars on a second re-read.

Jane Seymour

jane seymour

Queen number three was only queen for a year and a half. She gave Henry the son he longed for, but died days later. Choose a book that was short and sweet

summer of jordi perez

The romance between Jordi and Abby was so sweet!

Anne of Cleves

anne of cleves

Henry chose to marry his fourth queen after only seeing a portrait of her. Choose a book you bought/read because of the cover


This was probably my worst ‘judging book by cover’ offence. I expected an actual mermaid and only got a fake one and a story that really wasn’t to my taste at all.

Kathryn Howard

kathryn howard

Henry’s fifth queen was the youngest of his wives and the least experienced for life at court. When she was accused of adultery, Henry sent her to the block. Choose a book with a forbidden romance

last night at the telegraph club

~All you wanna do, all you wanna do, baby~ *ahem* Sorry. Fun fact: that’s the first Six song I ever listened to and it’s what got me entranced with it. It’s not just a catchy tune but it’s part of the recent movement that’s finally setting the record straight on Kathryn Howard. It shows that she wasn’t, as old historical texts have labelled her for centuries, a silly teenager with no restraint but an abused, vulnerable child who was taken advantage of by predatory men all her life.

Anyway, Kathleen and Lily’s romance is most definitely forbidden. Not only do their families disapprove but it could get them arrested. That doesn’t stop them being true to themselves, of course.

Katherine Parr

katherine parr

Katherine has long been remembered as Henry’s sixth wife, but what she should be remembered for is being the first woman to publish an English book in England under her own name. Choose a book about books

dear fahrenheit 451

This was a really funny read. I really should re-read it at some point.

Lady Jane Grey

lady jane grey

Poor Jane was forced onto the throne to prevent her Catholic cousin, Mary, from taking charge in what had become a Protestant country. Mary brought an end to her reign after only nine days, and poor Jane paid the ultimate price for the position she’d been put in by the men around her when Mary sent her to the block. Choose a book that ended too soon

lord of stariel

I can’t believe it ended that suddenly and everything was sorted out so quickly. I had an audiobook version and, when the book ended, I was utterly confused because the audiobook still had an hour to run. It turned out that, unlike most audiobooks, this actually had the preview of the next book attached to it which I didn’t know about until the audiobook suddenly said ‘the end’. A very sudden and unexpected end to the story in many ways, indeed.

Mary I

mary i

Commonly know as Bloody Mary, Mary restored England to Catholicism and, during her four year reign, burned over 300 Protestants at the stake. Choose a book you would burn every copy of

hand of fu manchu

I don’t like burning books for any reason but, for The Hand of Fu-Manchu, I might make an exception. Not only is it horribly sexist, it’s also horrifically sinophobic and we definitely do not need that at this time!

Elizabeth I

elizabeth i

Though Anne Boleyn failed to give Henry a son, the daughter she gave him would rule England for 44 years and bring about what was known as The Golden Age. Choose a book with a royal main character

the other side of the sky

North is a prince of Alciel but that doesn’t get him any respect either in the city in the sky or on the land below. For that matter, neither does Nimh, who transcends all royalty by being a living deity.

Speaking of Elizabeth, you should really check out this animatic of Elizabeth I as a Six character. The song choice is perfect and the art style is brilliant. In fact, the creator has done a whole series of animatics on the next generation of Tudors called Six: The Kids. Well worth checking out!

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