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ORIGINAL The Cat Markings Book Tag

Here’s an early Christmas present for you: another original book tag! This time, I managed to get the hang of Canva and give you some decent graphics.

I absolutely adore cats. Very little of my life has been lived without a cat in it. I am the person who will stop and stroke random cats in the street. I am the person who will spend much more than she should on toys the cat never so much as looks at. I am the one whose day is not complete without watching at least one (or, maybe, ten) cat videos.

So, to indulge my obsession further, I’ve created this book tag centred around some of the most common cat markings. I might do a tag around the most common cat breeds in the future too…

Cat Markings Book Tag


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Black Cat Banner

Okay, quick tangent here, black cats need more love! I adopted a black cat not too long ago and he is the most adorable, hyperactive, needy little treasure ever to ruin a rug! So, if you’re looking to adopt a cat, think about getting a black cat (or a black and white cat). I guarantee you there will be at least one at a shelter near you and, remember, a black cat is for life, not just for Halloween.

winter promise

The Mirror Visitor series really isn’t much talked about in my blogging circle. Yes, in hindsight, the first book is a bit slow but the second one is fantastic. I highly recommend the audiobooks too. I really need to get to the last two of the series at some point.

White Cat Banner

deeplight 1

Deeplight not only gives us a main character who is hard of hearing (due to a diving accident) but also makes her a strong-willed and smart character who sees that something isn’t right before anyone else does. Not to mention, the ‘sea-kissed’ people who lost their hearing in similar circumstances are happily accommodated and respected within the community of Lady’s Crave.

Ginger Cat Banner

house on the cerulean sea

Linus Baker is an absolute sweetheart. He starts out as someone who would have been a minor villain in another book but does something very heroic indeed by the end.

Tortoiseshell Cat Banner

you should see me in a crown

Tough call. I’m going to go with Liz Lighty, a prom queen contender fighting for the title for the right reasons.

Calico Cat Banner


While I wouldn’t say Spensa was lucky, I would love to have someone like Spensa in my life. Someone who is willing to push her way into getting what she wants and who comes out with some great taunts along the way.

Tabby Cat Banner

the diviners

Evie O’Neil is a total party girl and, in 1920s New York, she’s right at home. You’d be a fool to write her off as an airhead, though.

A Clowder of Cats Banner (1)

six of crows collectors

Who else but the Crows?

Text prompts:

  1. Black Cats: Pick a book that doesn’t get the love it deserves.
  2. White Cats: Pick a book with great disability rep
  3. Ginger Cats: Name your favourite male character
  4. Tortoiseshell Cats: Name your favourite female character
  5. Calico Cats: Name a character you wish was your best friend
  6. Tabby Cats: Name a character who’s the life and soul of the party
  7. A Clowder of Cats: Name your favourite fictional squad

I tag:

I hope to see you again very soon.

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29 thoughts on “ORIGINAL The Cat Markings Book Tag”

  1. I learned so much about cats from this. I’ll certainly do the tag too when I get a chance.
    Makes so much sense now why my brother’s black cat is so affectionate. I thought the cat was being weird, lol, because I assumed all cats are aloof.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome 😊 Thanks for doing my tag. I loved your answers. You’ve got me really interested in reading ‘A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe’ and I think Discworld’s Death would make a great friend too!


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