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I saw this on Riddhi @ Whispering Stories and I loved the idea so much that I had to do it. In fact, it’s such a good idea that I might just steal it and do a whole UK version of it (while crediting Phoenix @ Books with Wings for the idea, of course)! For now, I’ll take the creator up on the offer to add a question that represents a big 2021 event in my country.

Disclaimer from the creator: As I, Phoenix, live in the United States of America, the events that these tags reflect are mainly based off of my own experience of things happening directly around me. Therefore, I won’t be including significant events that have happened elsewhere in the world in this tag. HOWEVER, if you are from another country and think of an event that was impactful around you, feel free to add another question to this tag that you think goes with that event!


  • Link back to the original creator, Phoenix @Books With Wings
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Answer all the questions
  • Tag at least 3 people
  • While the events covered in this tag are mainly centered around the going-ons in the United States of America, if you live in another country feel free to add another question or two to this tag that you think goes with an important event that happened elsewhere!
  • PLEASE NOTE: While this tag discusses events that happened in 2021, it does not at all need to be completed in 2021. This is NOT a time-restricted tag and you may do it whenever you want. (you also do not need to talk about books that you read in 2021! It can be books you read whenever!)
  • Some of these questions are rather vague; these are totally up for interpretation!

A sequel that did not live up to expectations (general 2021)

princess and the fangirl

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading this and I liked both characters. I just felt the retelling was a little contrived and the pacing was a bit slow.

A book where everything immediately went badly (Attack on the USA capital)

ace of spaces

It might be easier to list what doesn’t go completely wrong for the two main characters. Reading this is certainly almost as scary as watching the Capital Riot news footage.

A book where things seemed to change for the better (President Joe Biden’s inauguration)

heartstopper 4

So happy that Charlie’s getting help and that he’s got Nick to support him! I just what him to be okay!

A book where science/some kind of sci fi thing plays a major role (Vaccines)

record of a spaceborn few

Science fiction plays a big part in the whole series but the Exodus Fleet (a fleet of spaceships who took people away from Earth for a life in space) certainly plays a big role as its remaining inhabitants wonder what to do now that their fleet is becoming obsolete.

A book where the characters get a reprieve (general, middle of the year)

the king of crows

I can’t say which one because that’s a big spoiler but it did make me very happy.

A book about sports/centered around competition (Summer Olympics 2021 2020)


Turns out I don’t read that many books about competitions or sports. The only one I can think of is the Hunger Games.

A book with a terrifying plot twist (Delta Variant)

monstress 6

That. Twist. Why do I have to wait another year to find out what happens next?!

A book with awesome behind-the-scenes characters (e.g. side characters) (THANK YOU ESSENTIAL WORKERS)

crooked kingdom

Does it count if those side characters have POVs? Well, I say it does. Besides, Colm Fahey is a cool side character and probably the best dad in the series (though he doesn’t exactly have stiff competition).

A book where there are HUGE consequences to an event/action/etc. (supply chain backups due to covid)

last children of tokyo

This whole book is about the long-lasting consequences of a serious environmental disaster. It’s both scary and rather heart-warming.

TheCornerofLaura’s Question (UK): A book/series where a character death had a huge impact on you and/or on the characters (the death of Prince Philip)

deathly hallows (2)

I think we all know which death I’m talking about.

I tag:

I hope to see you again very soon.

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8 thoughts on “The 2021 Book Tag”

  1. Aah I loved to see your answers to this! And the question you added was awesome! Ace of Spades honestly was absolutely terrifying and is a great answer to this prompt haha. And I mean, hunger games is definitely a HUGE competition…life or death even…
    Thank you so much for doing my tag!

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