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The 2021 Good News Tag

This was inspired by the 2021 Book Tag by Phoenix @ Books with Wings. At first, I wanted to make a UK equivalent of it…but then I realised that 2021 was not a great year for the UK. In fact, the main news stories were deaths, murders and general chaos. I don’t want to make a tag about that. Instead, I want to make a tag about all the good news in 2021 that might have been lost among all the bad news.

2021 good news book tag


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Gay marriage was legalised in Switzerland

rule of wolves

No spoilers, of course, but I am delighted with this happy ending for two of the characters!

giant pandas

NB: Giant pandas are still classed as Vulnerable but it’s progress!

lirael (1)

I’d love to have the Disreputable Dog as my companion! She would be able to get me out of any kind of trouble and would just be good conversation.

hpv vaccine

medusa uploaded

Oichi definitely wouldn’t have been able to get far without the sentient AI, Medusa.

josephine baker

pride 1

The neighbourhood of Bushwick is a fascinating melting pot of Black and Latino culture. No wonder Zuri wants to protect it.

chloe zhao

last night at the telegraph club

I loved Lily as a character and I loved the fascinating insight into the period.

rose ayling ellis

NB: Rose’s participation in the show has apparently inspired a 2000% increase in enrolments for one firm’s British Sign Language lessons and she is now backing a government bill to make BSL a recognised language (meaning users will have a legal right to an interpreter in many situations). If you haven’t seen Rose’s Couples’ Choice dance, go and watch it now!

the king of crows

Ling Chan isn’t just a kickass disabled character but a kickass asexual character too!

Text prompts:

  1. Gay marriage was legalised in Switzerland: A book with LGBT characters who live happily ever after
  2. Giant Pandas are no longer classed as Endangered: A book with a fantastic animal companion
  3. Studies show that the HPV vaccine has cut cervical cancer rates by almost 90%: A book where science plays a big part
  4. Josephine Baker became the first black woman to be inducted into the Pantheon in Paris: A book that celebrates Black culture
  5. Chloe Zhao became the first woman in colour to win an Oscar for best director: Your favourite book by an Asian author
  6. Rose Ayling-Ellis, the show’s first deaf contestant, won Strictly Come Dancing: A kickass disabled character

I tag:

I hope to see you again very soon.

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