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The Crying Book Tag

I may not be a big cry-er when it comes to books but, when it does make me cry, it certainly makes it memorable. So, I decided to give this tag I found on Amy @ A Fangirl’s Opinion a go.

The Rules:

✦ Answer all the prompts with a book that made you tearful (on the inside counts)
✦ Link back to the original post
✦ Tag as many people as you want
✦ Drink some water

Foreign Film Cry: A book that was both beautiful and sad


This book needs to come with a warning: ‘Danger: This Book Is Lovely But Will Leave You An Emotional Wreck’.

Grief-Stricken Howl: A book character that didn’t need to die (Spoiler Alert, duh)

crooked kingdom

You know the one I mean!

Horrified Wail: A book where everything went wrong just when things were going right

strange the dreamer

Just as it looked like they were going to find a way to solve this without violence! This ending had me devastated and almost too scared to continue the series!

Dry-eyed Shock: An ending that didn’t give you the closure you needed

tin princess

It just ended on a very depressing and downbeat note that wasn’t fitting at all with the rest of the book. If it turned out this was a melodrama written by Jim, I would have been less disappointed.

Childhood Wound: A book that related to events in your life

midnight library

The events in the book are not quite related to events in my life but I read this at a time in my life when I needed some consolation and when I was worried I wasn’t making the right choices. It was just what I needed to carry on and to make a difficult decision.

Exhausted Tears: A book you were hyped about that you ended up hating

alloy of law

I had such high hopes after reading the original Mistborn trilogy and this turned out to be nowhere near as good. None of the characters held a candle to Vin, Elend, Spook and the others and Western really isn’t my genre.

No Tears Left to Cry: A book that destroyed you emotionally

mermaid witch and sea

That ending battered me with pretty much every emotion there is!

Crying with Laughter: A character that had you in fits of giggles

soulless 1

Lord Akeldama is the sassy best friend everyone needs. He’s funny, insightful and totally outrageous!

The Chris Pine Oscar Worthy Tear: The perfect book that deserves a standing ovation

house on the cerulean sea

This book deserves all the ovations! And all the awards!

I tag anyone who cries at books more than I do.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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