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Evil Cat Book Tag

I found this on Zezee @ Zezee With Books and decided to do it in the name of my very naughty cat (who looks and acts very like Salem). Like Zezee, I’m also going to say whether or not my cat does it or not to give you an idea of how bad he is.

salem laugh

Created by Peat of Peat Long’s Blog.

Knocking S*** Off of High Places: A book with a cliffhanger

My cat hasn’t done this yet but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. He absolutely would.

monstress 6

That. Cliffhanger. Why do I have to wait another year to find out what happens next?!

Howling at 3 a.m.: A book you didn’t sleep to finish

He hasn’t woken the house up at 3 am yet but he certainly gets us up early to give him breakfast.

forever sea

As well as it being an excellent read, I also had to finish this before midnight to complete a reading challenge. I finished it with twenty minutes to spare.

Hiding Before a Vet Visit: A book with a self-destructive character

He hasn’t been to the vet often enough to learn what it means but I think he will start hiding whenever the carrier comes out when he puts it together.

boyfriend material

Poor Luc. He’s been through a lot but he doesn’t help himself with his self-destructive behaviour.

The Turd Dangling From Their Behind: A sequel that was a bit, er, turd

He hasn’t done this yet but he did pee on the bed once, forcing us to not only buy new sheets but also new bedding. It stank that badly.

girl of nightmares

I loved Anna Dressed In Blood. I was really eager to see where the story would go next. Unfortunately, this book was a solid Unnecessary Sequel.

Puking on the Carpet: A book with a betrayal

He’s only done this a few times when he ate too much, too fast, but our previous cat had long hair and was very prone to hairballs!

eliza and her monsters

No spoilers but that betrayal was shocking. Even more so because it was unintentional.

Dragging in Live Animals: A book with shocking violence

He’s certainly a good hunter but, thankfully, all the animals he’s brought in so far were already dead by that time.

parable of the sower

Violence is disturbingly commonplace in Lauren’s world. Every kind of violence too.

Looking You in the Eye Before Misbehaving: A book with a character desperate for attention

Yep, he does this all the time.


In this case, Spensa wants the right sort of attention. She wants to make a name for herself as a pilot rather than be tarnished by what her father did.

Shredding Things: A book with a destructive character

Yep, he definitely does this. Exercise mats are his favourite target. By the time we had to throw one of them out, it looked like it had been through a woodchipper!

house on the cerulean sea

To be fair, Lucy doesn’t mean to be destructive. He just can’t help it, being the Antichrist and all.

Has Never Been Fed, Never: A series you can’t get enough of

Yep, he does this whenever we have a meal. It doesn’t matter if there’s food in his bowl. He will yowl until we’ve finished or we give him some suitable human food (like tuna).


I will never get tired to the Wayward Children series! A great take on portal fantasy and a diverse cast, I love it!

Be So Cute You Forgive Them Anyway: A book with a wicked MC you like

Yeah, I can never stay mad at him. He’s a hyperactive, attention-seeking little rascal who loves the sound of his own voice but I still love him to bits!


Alyce didn’t want to be evil. It was just in her blood.

I tag anyone who has an eviller cat than me.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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