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Pride Flag Book Tag

It’s that time again. I’ve been saving the LGBT books from my TBR pile and saving up some appropriately themed tags for over a month. This tag was created by Common Spence on YouTube (and I’ve included Forever and Everly‘s addition to the original tag since that’s where I found it).

❤ 1. red (life) ❤

a book with a spirited protagonist totally proud of who they are. someone who gives you LIFE!

last night at the telegraph club

Lily’s integrity and refusal to lie about loving another girl was inspiring. She knew what would likely happen if she came out to her parents but she did it anyway and took the consequences gladly.

🧡 2. orange (healing) 🧡

a book that made you, as the reader, find a deeper meaning or catharsis in your own life


The asexual representation is fantastic in this one and I related to Georgia so much.

💛 3. yellow (sunshine) 💛

a book that fills you with so much joy it could brighten even your darkest day


Can you get any more joyful than Heartstopper?

💚 4. green (nature) 💚

a book that is set out of this world—a reality different to our own


I loved the world building in this book, as well as the asexual main character.

💙 5. blue (peace) 💙

a book where one of the characters finds peace with a difficult truth

psalm for the wild build robot

Dex had one hell of a difficult truth to face – that they had no idea what they were doing and that they had no idea what their purpose should be. It’s a complicated issue and this book never tried to give a definitive answer but it did provide comfort indeed.

💜 6. purple (spirit) 💜

a book that deals with LGBT+ themes and religion

atonement camp

There’s some surprisingly incisive commentary on organised religion and how they deal with the LGBT community in this one. Just don’t expect this to be serious all the way through.

🖤 black/brown (inclusivity) 🖤

a book where one of the characters is a queer character of color / queer indigenous character

felix ever after

I absolutely adore Felix. For all his messy parts, you can’t help but love him.

I tag anyone who wants to celebrate every colour in the rainbow flag!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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