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Queer Book Tag

I found this tag at Althea Is Reading and I was worried that I hadn’t read enough to fulfil all the prompts. Thankfully, I managed to find everything I needed without much difficulty.

Original Creator: Anja Xuan

1. Queer Faves. What’s your favourite queer book you’ve read this year?

iron widow

It’s got polyamory as well as queer characters but it also has awesome mechs and a great main character!

2. Lesbian. What’s your favourite f/f book?

last night at the telegraph club

I love Lily and I loved the writing. It taught me a lot about this time period too.

3. MLM. What’s your favourite achillean or /and mlm book?

cemetery boys

I loved the world building in this one and the romance between Yadriel and Julian was wonderful.

4. Bisexual. What’s your favourite book with a bisexual main character?

heartstopper 2

I love Nick Nelson so much. He and Charlie are so sweet together!

5. Transgender. What’s your favourite book with a transgender main character?

felix ever after

I loved the way this book tackled transgender issues and I just loved Felix as a character too.

6. Queer. What’s your favourite own voices queer book?

you should see me in a crown

Liz is such a great MC and the story had me gripped all the way.

7. Aro/Ace. What’s your favourite book with an aro/ace main character?


The way Oseman handled an aro/ace main character was brilliant. Georgia is so relatable.

8. Pansexual. What’s your favourite book with a pansexual main character?

library of the unwritten

It’s a fantastically humorous book set in hell and a pansexual main character makes it better.

9. QPOC. What’s your favourite book with a QPOC main character ?

henna wars

Jaigirdar really knows how to do character development and Nishat is a perfect example of that.

10. What queer books are you looking forward to for the rest of this year and/or the next year?

i'm a gay wizard

I’ll admit, I picked this up just for the title. I don’t know anything about this book but I have very high hopes.

I tag anyone who wants to celebrate queer characters of all kinds!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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