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I was a fair hand at Maths at school. ‘Was’, being the operative word. I’ve completely forgotten about functions and I didn’t recognise many of the ones mentioned in this tag I found on Nehal @ Quirky Pages at all. Still, I know my books so I’m going to use that to muddle through!


  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Ping-back to the original creator, Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner, so that she can sneakily read your answers and be thrilled at how much attention math is getting within the bookish community!
  • Answer all the prompts while appreciating the mathematical beauty contained in them! (You’re more than welcome to use the original graphics so that all the canva and GeoGebra work the creator put into them will be worth it…)
  • Tag some people! Five would be best, since five is obviously the coolest natural number out there, but any other quantity works, too.

tale of two cities

Yeah, me and Dickens are not on the best of terms and this one is easily the one I struggled with the most. I couldn’t get invested in the characters nor could I get past how verbose Dickens is, especially in this book.

hunger games 1
Well, we can safely say this is generic by today’s standards, at least. I re-read it last year and, while I can’t say I enjoyed it as much this time around, I did enjoy the story.
lirael (1)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Lirael as a character but I do think that this book didn’t stand up on its own. With some clever editing, this and Abhorsen could have easily been made into one complete story and the series would have been fine as a duology.

sophie's snail

I used to be absolutely mad about the Sophie series when I was little. I had both audiobooks and physical books of the whole series, in fact.

eddie albert amsterdam

The whole climax was incredibly over the top and so were all the animal gang but in the best possible way!

she gets the girl

These characters made me care about them so much so seeing all their trials and tribulations was even more agonising. The climax certainly felt like a rollarcoaster with a very long down bit and then an exhilarating up bit.

unseen academicals drama

Pies play a surprisingly big part in this story. You’d be amazed at where a carefully placed pie gets you in Discworld.


Well, I could have picked any one of the Discworld books but, since it’s just after Christmas, this one fits best.

bear and the nightingale

Was there ever any doubt?

powers of darkness

The original Dracula is made of nothing but diary entries and this version is mostly taken up with Thomas Harker’s journal so this fits too.

les miserables

Yeah, I don’t think I have enough time and patience in the world to even make the attempt. I think I’ll stick with the musical.

through the woods

I’ve spotted a space in one of my reading challenges for this one so this one will likely be my next read.

I tag anyone who remembers their maths better than me.

I hope to see you again very soon.

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