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Christmas may be well in the past but it’s never a bad time to think about giving and sharing books. So, this is a good time to do this tag I found on A Kernal of Nonsense.

Give a Book Tag was created by The Roomies’ Digest on YouTube.

Give a Book…You Don’t Talk a Lot About

dread nation

I don’t talk about the Dread Nation books as often as I used to. Maybe, it’s high time for a re-read.

Give a Book…You Can’t Stop Talking About

bear and the nightingale

No, I will never stop talking about the Winternight trilogy.

Give a Book…People Are Going to Either Love or Hate

this is how you lose the time war

I think a lot of literary fiction can be defined this way. Either, you love it or you hate it. Now, I’m someone who hates it but that doesn’t mean that I can’t find one I love from time to time.

Give a Book…For Someone Who Needs to Get in Their Feels

she gets the girl

There are so many feels! I defy anyone to read this and not love both main characters.

Give a Book…With Immaculate Vibes

the casquette girls

The New Orleans in this book may have been badly damaged by a hurricane but it is defiantly alive and full of vibes!

Give a Book…For Someone Who Likes to Be Surprised

magic for liars

Nothing like a good detective book for someone who loves surprises. Someone who likes surprise twists on the fantasy cliches will like this book too.

Give a Book…For Someone Who Needs a Little Love

tea dragon society

This book is just the fiction equivalent of a warm hug, okay?

Give a Book…That’s an Old Favorite


The TV show reminded me of just how much I love this book and I know I’ll always love it.

Give a book…You Think Everyone Should Read

smoke gets in your eyes

It’s informative, funny and helps you look at your own mortality without fear. Everyone should give it a go.

I tag anyone else who is in the giving mood!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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