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I found this on Wildwood Reads. I must admit, I’m a bit of a newbie to the cozy fantasy genre but I like what I see so far.


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1. Let the journey begin! What’s the first “cozy fantasy” book you’ve ever read.

tea dragon society

I think that’s probably the Tea Dragon Society, though I didn’t know it would be called ‘cozy fantasy’ at the time.

2. Name a book that’s not marketed as “Cozy Fantasy” but feels like it.

psalm for the wild build robot

Psalm for the Wild Built is technically science fiction though I don’t see many people making the distinction. Hey, I say it counts.

3. What’s a fantasy setting you would be comfortable living in and why?


I would love to visit Nova’s bookshop and just live in a New England full of magic and spirits.

4. Name a cozy fantasy book on your tbr & the perfect treat to go along with it.

legends and lattes

Copying Wildwood Reads and going with Legends and Lattes. It is on my Beat the Backlist TBR and I have high hopes for it.

5. Pick a book that was described as “cozy fantasy” or fantasy book in general that was described as “comforting” “wholesome” & “cozy” but didn’t meet your expectations + explain why

galaxy and the ground within

The Galaxy, and the Ground Within turned out to be my least favourite Wayfarers book since it wasn’t so much cosy as it was tedious.

6. Is there a cozy fantasy/comforting fantasy book you’ve read (or you’ve seen) that you feel is underrated or under-the-radar?

princess princess ever after

Princess, Princess Ever After is one of Kay O’Neill’s lesser talked-about books but it’s certainly very cosy and very fun.

7. Fantasy book that leaves you feeling happy, full of joy or coziness.


Every Heart a Doorway might have some rather heavy moments and bring up some heavy themes but they always leave me happy.

I tag anyone else who feels very cosy right now!

I hope to see you again very soon.

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