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Fairy Tale Book Tag

I'm always a sucker for fairytales and a good fairytale retelling so this tag I found on Zezee @ Zezee With Books was a lot of fun. Creator: Zoe at My Life with Books. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:PICK A BOOK WHERE LOVE TRIUMPHS EVERYTHING. Nick and Charlie had to go through a lot but their… Continue reading Fairy Tale Book Tag

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The Cozy Fantasy Book Tag

I found this on Wildwood Reads. I must admit, I'm a bit of a newbie to the cozy fantasy genre but I like what I see so far. Rules Link back to the original creator’s post. Answer the questions/prompts Tag fellow bloggers of creators Use the graphic (with credit) if you’d like or create your own… Continue reading The Cozy Fantasy Book Tag

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Bookish Time Travel Tag

I found this tag on Peat Long and this is honestly one of the more challenging tags I've experienced. You'll see why a few questions in. Credit to the Library Lizard for creating this. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HISTORICAL SETTING FOR A BOOK? Probably the Victorian or Edwardian period. Just anything that's close to the steampunk aesthetic.… Continue reading Bookish Time Travel Tag

Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge Check-In (1 out of 6)

It's my first reading challenge check-in of the year. I'm trying to be kinder to myself by taking on fewer and more flexible challenges. I know I'm not reading as much or as obsessively as I used to. It's early days yet to say whether that's paying off or not but I supposed I am… Continue reading 2023 Reading Challenge Check-In (1 out of 6)

Reading Corner

February Reading Corner

Suffice it to say that this wasn't the best month for reading for me. That's no bad thing, though. I managed to complete my Be Sure Athon and my reduced reading challenges are all proceeding on schedule. I'm also managing to get some more writing time in though finding the will to redraft my novel… Continue reading February Reading Corner

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The Book Cake Tag

Never a bad time to think about making a cake or about books so I decided to do this tag I found on Charlotte, Somewhere. I'm afraid I'm not sure who created this tag. Please let me know in the comments if you know who it is. Flour: A book that was slow to start… Continue reading The Book Cake Tag