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Elixir by Jason O’Loughlin

Here's my first impressions of the second book in the Obsidian series by Jason O'Loughlin. Nothing too in depth, just my initial thoughts. The second book in the Obsidian series leaves Britain and goes globetrotting with newly discovered powers, new allies, scarier enemies, Arthurian legends come to life and a race against time and poison,… Continue reading Elixir by Jason O’Loughlin

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2nd Novel done!

Yes! One week into 2018 and I have another book finished! It's very much a first draft still. It's a bit messy and the ending will need completely rearranging but a messy ending is still an ending and that's what redrafts are for. For now, I'm happy with the shape it's in.

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Rationalising (and Diminishing) in The Handmaid’s Tale

Rationalising refers to a mental process of attempting to explain something rationally, even if it doesn’t make sense. It’s very closely related to diminishing, the act of reducing the amount of good or damage something might have done in one’s mind. This is a key part of the thinking behind the Republic of Gilead and… Continue reading Rationalising (and Diminishing) in The Handmaid’s Tale

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Novel Writing Questions No. 5: A Contents Page?

Okay, back in question 2, the comments suggested that naming the chapters is now out of style as this can give away the story but combining that with a table of contents can certainly spoil the story before the reader has got off the first page. That's why I normally skip a contents page when… Continue reading Novel Writing Questions No. 5: A Contents Page?

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Milestone reached!

As of this Friday, the fourth draft of my first novel is complete! That doesn't mean to suggest that the novel is anywhere near publication. A few ideas I had while writing means I'll have to go back and completely rethink the beginning. And, then there's the small matter of checking and redrafting. Not just… Continue reading Milestone reached!