Hello, there. My name’s Laura, an aspiring fantasy/science fiction writer.

My favourite kind of books are fantasy and science fiction but my ultimate favourite subgenre is the vampire genre. Some people may call it a sparkling slush pile but even a sparkly slush pile can occasionally produce a diamond so I’ll read any kind of vampire book in the search of a good idea worth exploring (even Twilight. There, I said it) so don’t be afraid to recommend something. Even if I don’t like it, I won’t regret reading it, if only to form my own opinion.

I have a completed first novel that I’m in the process of editing and a second novel in the process of writing, along with other short stories that I wrote when I had writer’s block and needed a fresh mind. That’s what I tend to do when I get writer’s block: write something else until I get a new idea. So, I don’t ever stop. That’s the advice I give writers and creators in general – don’t ever stop. Even if it’s just for your own enjoyment, it’s worth it.