Short Stories and Extracts

This is a list of all the short stories and extracts of my novels that haven’t yet been published but I would like to share with the Internet anyway.

Short Stories

Blessed Peace – 1848, crime (sexual themes and violence)

Stealth Experiment No. 35 – 255 words, science fiction

Ten Little Teacups – 1821 words, fantasy (some indirect references to rape)

Vampires of War – 1280 words, fantasy (blood, violence, mild profane language)

Water Shots – 471 words, general

We Are The Lucky Ones – 671 words, general (some references to dying children and PTSD)


Short Synopsis of ‘A Waking Dream’ – 106 words, young adult dark fantasy

The Twelve Moons of Curie – Prologue – 3712 words, science fiction

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